You only have to look around the different mobile casinos to see the huge array of different themes that the slots there have. There’s the Egyptian flavour of Pharaoh’s Fortune, the African adventures found in Mega Moolah, the adventure of the Tomb Raider slot and the medieval feel to the Avalon game, to name but a few, as well as the traditional layouts found in slots such as Super7 by Hopa Mobile and Pub Fruity, which can be found at Jackpot City

Many people who don’t play slots are often confused as to why there are so many different themes to each slot, as surely the only thing that a slot machine needs is a spin button and a way to collect your winnings? In this assumption they would be right in part, but they would be missing the big picture entirely! The themes that are included with the slot machines are an absolutely integral part to them, for the reasons outlined below…

Slot Machines are Fun!

Alien Fruits Screenshot 1There is one reason above all others that people play slot machines, and that is the fact that they find them incredibly enjoyable and love the thrill of them! If you wanted to simply make money doing something that was repetitive and boring, you’d just take overtime at work, wouldn’t you? The different themes that each slot machine has are the main way that they make themselves unique and they contribute massively to this fun-factor!

If it wasn’t for the themes, then all mobile slot machines would be identical, with the same symbols spinning in the same winning combinations, which would lead people to become bored easily and going somewhere else for their enjoyment. Imagine if all football teams played in the same kit, had the same players and all used the same tactics! Everyone would suddenly decide that they couldn’t be bothered watching anymore and switch the channel to find something different instead!

Anyone playing mobile slots without their number one priority being fun needs a different hobby. But if fun is your main goal, then the themes on the slot games make it possible!

They Attract New Players

Hopa Mobile's Monte Carlo 5K SpinThe mobile gambling industry is a business, and it would be naïve to assume otherwise. This means that the different casinos have to attract new customers on a regular basis in order to keep the money coming in — money that they can then spend on the jackpots that they provide to all of their members! The money also goes towards the upkeep of the site and the cost of creating more new and exciting games for customers to play: both of which are hugely beneficial to you as a player!

Now the above statement might sound slightly cynical to some, as you might be thinking that we are suggesting that the themes for these slots are purely there to furnish the pockets of the site’s owners with silver. Well, in this assumption you would be semi-correct. Only a very small percentage of the earnings will be taken as profit as the mobile slots industry is not yet big enough to generate the profits that other types of casinos have. The money is needed so that this expansion can happen and expose the industry to a whole new group of people -– therefore meaning that more money will be made and the jackpots will be even bigger!

They Make the Magic Happen!

Old Fruit Machine
Think back twenty years ago when a slot machine was found in its very basic form –- three reels and a spin button, with payouts decided by the fruits that landed on the winline. Now take a look at the slots that you can find on the mobile slots sites today – notice many differences? The answer that you have given is obviously yes, and the major difference is the amount of features and bonus games that these slots have in comparison with the older ones!
It would be impossible to offer bonus games if it wasn’t for the themes. How would the game distinguish the bonus games from the regular spins if it wasn’t for them? The theme gives different scatter symbols, bonus symbols and wild symbols, which are mixed in with the regular symbols and create a huge amount of extra ways for the player to win money. For those that don’t like all of these extra bells and whistles, there are still regular slot machines to be found in many mobile casinos though.

The Final Word

Hopefully this article has made it abundantly clear that themes are more than necessary in the modern world of mobile slot machines. They increase the profit that the site makes, facilitate loads of features and, most importantly of all, the mean that slot machines are fun to play! So, next time you hear someone ask this question, refer them to this article or let them know the reasons behind it in your own words! You never know, you might convert them to the hobby and have them playing on Royal Vegas or mFortune in no time at all! You might also want to read our mobile slots tips here >

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