Tablets for Mobile Slots Feature ImageHere at MobileSlots4U, we spend an awful lot of our time telling you which new mobile casinos are worth visiting, or which recently released mobile slots and casino games you should be playing. Far less emphasis, however, is put on the devices you should be playing on. There’s so many tablets out there these days that it’s often tricky to now which are right for you. In this post we’ll run you through some of the best and most convenient tablets for playing mobile slots on that are available to purchase now.


1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2If you’re the kind of person who is keen to have only the most aesthetically pleasing technology in the possession at any time, then the latest Samsung tablet might not be for you. The outer case is rubberised, giving it a far less streamline and attractive look than the other tablets on this list. But if you’re happy to have something a little less good looking for gaming on, this tablet has a whole lot going on under the hood which more than makes up for its visual shortcomings.

There are two features which mobile casino gamblers should be taking note of in this tablet. Firstly, inside the questionable case is powerful octa-core Samsung processor, which makes running hefty games look easy, promising a seamless gaming experience. Secondly – and the feature which is going to really blow you away – you have the rich 8-inch, 2,048 x 1,536 resolution AMOLED display, which will make any slot or casino game with any half decent graphics simply pop off the screen.


2. iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2The ‘Air’ in the title kind of says it all – this tablet is all about ease and convenience of carry. Despite being super thin and light-weight, the iPad Air 2 still manages to pack an impressive 9.7-inch, 2,048 x 1,536 IPS screen, which is big enough and high definition enough to ensure even the most action packed slots look phenomenal. The edge that the Air 2 has over previous iPad models is the new Apple A8X CPU, which makes it the most powerful iPad to date, and ideal for online gaming.

These one drawback with using an iPad which you won’t experience with the other tablets on this list – namely the fact that instead of running on Android like the others, iPad Air 2s use iOS8. Now there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with iOS, in fact it’s a really great operating system, but there’s a substantial number of casinos which still don’t make it easy or in some cases possible for Apple users to play on their sites. The tide is definitely changing, with more and more casinos promising the same experience across all devices, but it’s something that’s worth bearing in mind.


3. Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

Lenovo TabletEvery year, mobile slots get more and more cinematic. Propelled by innovative developers like NetEnt, the industry is moving ever closer to a point where the appearance and action in a slot is the most important aspect of the game, and many video slots are already visual delights quite aside from being great slots. All this, then, justifies the need for a tablet that can handle the pressures of high quality graphics, while delivering great sound and an overall enjoyable slots experience.

That’s why the next tablet we suggest you invest in is the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro – a tablet created exclusively with giving great graphics experiences to its users. Not only does the tablet feature a crystal clear QHD 10.1 inch screen, it also has a built in projector in it, meaning that if you really want an extraordinary mobile slots experience, all you need is a blank wall. Of course, this tablet is definitely going to favour those who like the more visually pleasing slots, but who isn’t into that?


4. Nvidia Shield Tablet K1

Shield Tablet K1Nvidia may not be a name familiar to many of the readers here, but the company has been making pretty decent digital equipment for a few years now, with a heavy focus on video gaming. Although the demands of playing slots and casino games do differ somewhat from straight video gaming, there’s an awful lot of crossover, and many of the features that make the Shield K1 perfect for gaming, also make it perfect for use at mobile casinos.

The tablet boasts an 8 inch display in full HD, on top of a slim case which combines understated rubber a plastic finishing, making it easy and comfortable to hold for extended periods of gaming. It’s not just all about the touch, though, as the Shield K1 also conceals the Nvidia's Tegra K1 processor, which is one of the most powerful gaming processors you’ll find in a tablet.