man-with-cashUnless you’re lucky enough to land a jackpot or have such a string of good luck that you pocket loads in a short amount of time, winnings from playing at mobile casinos are likely to be small amounts of money relative to your original stake. Plus, they and may disappear quickly if you don’t take good care of it.

The best way to ensure that you don’t squander your winnings too fast is to already have in mind a strategy for ensuring you know how you’re going to reinvest your winnings ahead of time. Here are out top tips for watching those winnings, and making the most out of your luck.


Withdraw Your Original Stake ASAP

There’s never going to be a way to ensure you always come out on top when it comes to mobile gambling, but there are certainly ways in which you’re able to mitigate against loss. One of the most important ways to achieve this when you’ve got some winnings under your belt is to withdraw however much you originally staked when you have some winnings. Then, simply play with the winnings – that way you’re unable to accidentally turn into the red.

Let’s say for instance you’ve deposited £100 and you manage to land winnings that equal £50, you now have £150 in your account. Why not withdraw the £100, continue wagering with the £50, and even if you then lose everything, you’re only at zero for the session?


Consider Withdrawing Some Winnings

withdraw money atmThat first idea is great advice across the board if you’re lucky enough to land a considerable win. Consider this: instead of simply withdrawing your original stake, it’s sensible to withdraw your original stake plus a little more. That’s to ensure you’ll get that warm feeling of finishing up, whatever happens in following games.

So, say for instance you have that same £100 deposit and a string of good luck leaves you with £200. You could just withdraw that original £100 or you could withdraw, say, £150. You still have £50 to play with, but if even in the worst case scenario, you still have a £50 profit to enjoy.


Stick To The Same Strategy

When you start seeing your bankroll grow off the back of consecutive wins, in can be tempting to switch things up and start taking a new strategy. Maybe you’ll wager different, adjust your paylines, switch to a more volatile game. Our advice? Don’t fall into this trap. While we’ll always advocate for players to be flexible in the way they play, and reactive to what happens along the way, if you’re starting to see your bankroll grow, that’s for a reason, and if you’re onto a winning strategy, why fix something that ain’t broke?

Don’t be too fixated on trying to replicate success, though, and if you find that you’re starting to slide backwards, make sure you’re able to shift gears and try a different tact. The headline here is, though: winning strategies win for a reason, so don’t mess about with it if one is working for you.


Don’t Get Over Confident

casino mistakes angry manRelated to the previous tip, but subtly different in a number of ways, is the importance of ensuring that you don’t get over confident or cocky when it comes to your casino winnings. We all know the temptation well – you see you’ve got some extra cash sitting in your account, and you want even more.

So you start wagering higher, being a little more risky with those wagers, you think, ‘It’s fine, I’ve got all those winnings!’, you find yourself on a losing streak, you double down and BOOM your winnings have all been used up. The most important thing is that you don’t let winnings go to your head, and you always plan for the worst case scenario.