Casino ReviewWhen you’re looking for a new casino to play at, like most players, it’s likely your first port of call is casino reviews, where you can scope out what other people think about your potential casinos. While this is a great idea, there’s pitfalls along the way: from outdated information to biased reviewers, you might not always be getting the facts you need to make a totally informed decision about where to play. In this post we’ll run you through what to look for in a casino review to make sure you’re being properly advised.


What To Look For In A Casino Review

  • Clear and unbiased
  • Recently written or updated (preferably within a couple of months)
  • Gives you information on games, bonuses, banking options & customer service
  • Highlights special features
  • Warns of any big drawbacks
  • Offers a rating which it justifies


Aspects Of Casino Reviews To Pay Attention To

Difference sources of reviews have different ways of presenting information about casinos, but decent reviews will fundamentally all have the same kinds of information in them. These are the points you really want to be paying attention to:

Game Selection

I mean, this might seem a little obvious, but why else are you going to find yourself at a casino unless you want to enjoy great games? Only you know what kind of games you’re in to, whether you’re a slots fiend or a live tables kind of guy. Reviews can be a great way of working out what kind of games are available, and what the casino really excels in offering.

Bonuses and Promotions

Free Bonus Textured SignWeirdly, casinos can often be a little reluctant to be totally up front about the kinds of bonuses and promotions they offer on their site before you sign up. This is something reviews are really good at. On top of doing the legwork to find out what you’ll get when you sign up, they’ll usually be able to advise you on recurring promotions, and those which might not currently be featured on the site.

Banking Options

Just like games, the way you choose to deposit and withdraw at casinos is a subjective thing. If you’re happy to simply use a credit or debit card, you’re guaranteed you can play at pretty much any casino you like, but if you want to use e-wallets or mobile phone bill deposit options, you’re going to have to be a little more picky. Reviews are also pretty good at filling you in on withdrawal times, which can actually vary pretty wildly from casino to casino.

Customer Service

Customer Service Representative IconSomething that’s tricky to work out about a casino before you play there is how well it treats its players. The customer service at a casino can mean the difference between fast or slow withdrawals, whether payment issues get addressed properly, or whether problems with your account get sorted out in a reasonable time. It’s an integral (albeit boring) part of your casino experience, and should always be considered before you plough into playing.


While it might not seem all that important, the brief summing up words either at the start or end of a review can often be all it takes for you to know whether or not you want to invest your time and money with a specific casino. It’s in the conclusion or summary that the author’s voice is going to come through most strongly and you wouldn’t be reading a review in the first place if you didn’t place value on these opinions.


How To Spot An Unbiased Review

The fact is, the majority of review sites have a stake in whether or not you play at particular casinos, as much of the time they can make money from sending players to sites – this is how the majority of online and mobile casino marketing is carried out. However, even in spite of this there is such thing as an unbiased review, and learning how to separate out the honest, unbiased reviews from the adverts can really improve your chances of finding a casino you’re going to love.

Unbiased on HandIt’s actually incredibly easy to spot when you’re reading a real, unbiased review. Firstly, you’re looking for the reviewer to be knowledgeable about casinos, and realistic about the features they expect. If someone is just talking about how fantastic the features are without highlighting any drawbacks, then there’s a good chance the review isn’t very good. It’s always good if the reviewer demonstrates that they’ve actually played at the casino, as sometimes marketing reviewers will simply look at the stats of the casino and fail to properly engage with it in a meaningful way.


Where To Look for Unbiased Reviews

While knowing how to spot bias in casino reviews is important, wouldn’t it be nice to already know that what you read at any given site is unbiased as a rule? Luckily for you, there are plenty of places online where you can find purely honest and transparent reviews of hundreds of casinos.

A great start is right here on MobileSlots4U, where we always aim to create as honest and helpful reviews of mobile casinos as possible. While we do work to promote certain casinos, we’re always transparent about this. Our first priority is to our readers, who we think deserve to get the facts as straight as possible. We believe in giving the facts as they are, and never trying to mislead our readers – our business is built on that trust. Our friends over at are also honest and thorough reviewers, who put in just as much work as we do to ensure the true side of casinos shines through.

Other places to look at the kinds of sites which let readers comment or review sites for themselves. Of course, these always have to be taken with a pinch of salt, because players often aren’t experts, and more often than not, people will only leave a review when they’re very dissatisfied with a casino, which tend to skew the outcome somewhat. If you keep these facts in mind, genuine player reviews can be a great way for you to get a handle on how casinos are performing under real life conditions.