Online and mobile casino no deposit welcome bonuses are undeniably great. Offering new players the chance to try out a casino before risking any of their own money, on top of letting you win a bunch of cash before putting down a penny, no deposit bonuses are a time honoured way for casinos to tempt new players through their virtual doors.

Unfortunately, these bonuses often aren’t huge, and with things like wagering requirements convoluting things, you need to be sure you’re making the best possible use of your no deposit bonuses. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide, which we hope will help you make more of your free cash.


Play Games Which Count Toward Wagering Requirements

This might just sound like common sense to many of you, but it really bears pointing out to those who might not have considered it. Wagering requirements are the thorn in the side of anyone hoping to turn a quick buck from bonus casino funds, but the best way is just to meet them head on. You should always play games which will definitely count towards your wagering requirements, otherwise all you play will be for nothing.

Bonus Wagering Requirements Red BlocksAt the majority of online or mobile casinos, games with a low house edge – especially the likes of blackjack – don’t count towards your wagering requirements. Disallowed games should be listed in the fine print of the bonus terms (or else the games which do count will be listed), so you should always check to see which to avoid. You’ll still be able to play these games with your no deposit bonus cash if you want, but you should know it’s doing nothing for your wagering requirements.


Play Low Volatility & High RTP Slots

Now that you’re playing games eligible to work towards your wagering requirements – which in most cases will be slots – you need to find some games which will likely leave you with some cash at the end of a long old playing session, and preferably leave you up from where you started. While the games with the lowest house edges might be off limits, that’s not to say you can’t be a little selective and find a game which is relatively better than others at protecting your money.

What you’re looking for are slots which combine low volatility (regular, smaller wins as opposed to more irregular big wins) with a high return to player rate. Because a no deposit bonus is likely to only be around £5 – £10 on average, it’s advisable to shoot for low volatility. This ensures it will be unlikely your funds are going to be depleted within just a few spins. Of course, there’s no way to guard completely against bad luck, but this is the best way to better your chances.


Play Something New

types of mobile slotSo far we’ve been talking exclusively about the technicalities of getting the most out of your no deposit bonus funds, but maybe the most important aspect to consider is that you really should be trying something new. While ‘free cash’ is a great prospect, the real intention behind casinos offering no deposit bonuses is that their new players are able to sample something they haven’t before.

When you sign up to a new casino, don’t just be boring and hit the slots you know and love with your deposit free bonus. Instead, take a look at what’s on offer, maybe even take at some reviews of the games available if you’re not familiar with any of them. It’s very doubtful you will have tried every single game on the roster of any new casino, so there’s always going to be uncovered ground.


Play A Variety Of Games

Related to the last point, but subtly different is the idea that you should try a number of different games with your no deposit welcome bonus cash, rather than just whiling it all away on a single slot. Just because a bonus isn’t necessarily a whole bunch of money to be playing with, that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough to go round on a number of games, if you play sensibly.

Follow the advice of low volatility and high RTP from above, and bet small, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to play any number of games before you’re out of funds. So check out our top casinos which offer you free bonuses and off you go!