Don't Go Gambling, Go Winning MemeHere’s my disclaimer: I can’t guarantee that you’ll win every time you spin a mobile slot. Then again, no one can and if anyone tells you they can, they’re lying. However, there are certain strategies you can take when playing at an online or mobile casino to ensure that you maximise your winning potential, while minimising losses. Below you’ll find some ideas how to increase your chances of winning on a mobile slot – but remember nothing beats experience and patience.


Understand the Slot Game

The number one error mobile slots players make is to plough into a game without fully understanding how it works. I’m not only talking about the complete casino rookies here, as there are plenty of experienced players who don’t take into account the nuances of a specific slot when they start playing and end up paying for it down the line.

There are so many different game types available at mobile casinos, so before making your first bet on a game, first make sure you understand some fundamental things about the slot first. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The slot’s volatility
  • The game’s payout percentage (return to player rate)
  • The number of paylines
  • The minimum and maximum bet
  • The bonus features and how they work

Even just making sure you have a good idea of these five things can give you an edge. For example, if you’re playing a low volatility slot, wins are going to be frequent and small, so a more daring betting strategy might be appropriate, while if it’s high volatility you’ll be looking at fewer, larger wins, so you’ll need to be a little more conservative.

It’s the little bits of understanding that make the difference and can really give you an edge. Any decent mobile casino will offer you quite a bit of information about any given slot, and you can always read up further online.


Play Games with High RTPs

The Return to Play Rate is a percentage of the amount of money a player will keep over an infinite number of spins. This sounds a little confusing, but it’s all to do with the algorithms that govern the mobile slot’s likelihood to throw up a winning combination of symbols, and is something you can use to your advantage.

Although technically only an average, the RTP or payout percentage can be a handy guide to working out if you’re likely to finish up on your budget or more likely to lose out. It’s super easy to follow, as the closer to 100 the number the better. RTPs tend to be around 94% to 98%, so you want to be looking for slots which are at the upper end of that scale.


Play the Maximum Paylines

Mucho Money Screenshot win all paylines

The coloured lines represent winning paylines

This piece of advice needs to be handled delicately. If you don’t know what a payline is (but let’s be honest, you really should by now), they’re the lines across the reels of a slot which will pay if a winning combination of symbols are displayed across it. Many slots allow you to adjust the number of paylines which are active for any given spin, and needless to say, the more that are in play, the more likely you are to hit a winning combination.

This all comes with a caveat though; you’ll have to pay for each payline. Increasing the number of paylines active means your bet will increase, so make sure you balance it out with a decreased bet per line to make sure you don’t suddenly go bust. Which leads pretty neatly on to…


Don’t Go Over Budget

Sorry to sound like your mum for a minute, and before you start complaining that this has nothing to do with slots, hear me out. While in a general sense you should never be gambling with more than you can afford to lose, taking a set budget and really sticking to it can be a great way of making sure you win – or at least don’t lose – on a mobile slot.

This isn’t just a way of limiting your losses though. If you’re keeping track of where you stand in relation to your budget, you’ll know when you have a little extra money to make those riskier wagers, while you’ll also be able to decrease the size of your bets when you’re running low on funds. A fluid and flexible betting strategy is the cornerstone to success.


Accept the Random & Keep a Cool Head

Spinning Slot Reels

You can’t control where the reels will land, so just relax

Online and mobile slots and casino games use state of the art algorithms and random number generators to ensure that each spin or roll of the dice is as random as possible. This means that the sensible players among you will accept fate in the most zen-like way possible and recognise that a string of bad luck does not mean the gods are against you.

It’s important to stay clear minded, level headed and rational when gambling. Don’t get angry at losses, as this is a sure fire way of ensuring you make stupid decisions; equally don’t get superstitious – if you’ve had a run of bad luck, that doesn’t necessarily mean a big win is on the way!


Quit While You’re Ahead

In the words of the great Kenny Rogers: know when to hold’em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away. The hardest part of playing any game at a mobile casino is knowing when to call it a day and walk away, but it’s a lesson the most successful gamblers will make sure they learn.

When you’re down on your luck it’s tempting to try and recoup your losses with daring bets, throwing good money after bad. Even more difficult is pulling yourself away from a game when you’re on a winning streak, but often it’s when you’re at your peak when you’re best advised to throw in the towel.

Want to know how to win? Learn to recognise when it’s time to stop playing.