Bonuses are a big part of playing mobile slots games. Getting a bonus can extend your playing time, and put you over the edge as far as winning the amount you were hoping to win.

Here are the various types of bonuses you can receive when playing mobile slots, and what getting these bonuses mean.

Welcome Bonus

Most mobile gaming sites will give you a bonus for joining their service. This bonus can range from £1 to £30, depending on which site you choose and if they are running any special offers for new members at that time.

Deposit Bonus

You will receive a deposit bonus when you make a deposit into your mobile gaming account. These bonuses are given out as a percentage of the amount you deposited and usually go no higher than £100.

Loyalty Bonus

If you are a regular player at your mobile casino, you will often be given loyalty bonuses. For example, you may be given an extra £5 every Tuesday for your loyalty.

There are many other bonuses that are specific to each mobile site. It is useful to pick a mobile casino that offers substantial and frequent bonuses, because getting a good bonus can help you extend your playing time, and can even give you the extra few spins you need to hit that huge jackpot!

Many times, mobile casinos will have certain conditions, like not being able to withdraw a bonus until you have spent a certain amount of money. So, check the promotional terms at each site you are researching.

Getting the most out of the mobile slots bonuses offered by mobile casinos can help give you the upper hand when you are spinning the reels of your favourite game. Now that you know a little more about the different types of bonuses out there, hopefully you will be able to enjoy your mobile gaming experience a little more!

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