There are few get-rich-quick schemes that are more effective than playing progressive jackpots. In fact, winning one can be life-changing to an absurd degree. You could literally become a millionaire overnight! Only game shows and the lottery offer such promising wins. The odds of winning are, however, are astronomical not to mention costly in the long run. There are those who say that you have more chance of dying everyday than ever winning more than a tenner with the lottery.

A grim thought but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. After all, a average Londoner managed to win big time at bwin casino recently which means that it could be you who is the next winner. Here’s our guide on the hottest progressive jackpots right now!


1. Loot’en Khamun Jackpot Slot

Loot'en Khamun progressiveOkay, okay! We’ll be the first to say that this title needs a bit of work… But the Egyptian (or rather, archaeological theme)  promises treasures beyond your wildest dreams! Loot’en Khamun was the same slot that made the aforementioned Londoner very, very rich. And the jackpot has been boosted up once again to seven digits.

As progressive jackpots go, we’d say that the gameplay is pretty average and the design is nothing to write home about. On the other hand, the rewards it gives are too good to pass up. With your standard wilds and scatter symbols, this slot could make the difference between working for a living to being extremely well-off.


2. Melon Madness Jackpot Slot

melon madnessWe have a better title on our hands here, however we would say that Melon Madness is of the same quality as Loot’en Khamun. It’s fun but hardly original — the fruit theme has been done to death! However, it can still make you exceedingly rich if you play the game properly and for long enough.

Like most progressive jackpots, the Melon Madness requires a higher wager than normal video slots in order for the player to make a bet. This isn’t a flaw, as the slot needs to get its top prize from somewhere. However, it should be made apparent that this is what you should expect.


3. Going Nuts Jackpot Slot

going nuts progressiveA much more original theme this time around (and a much cleverer play on words), this is one of the progressive jackpots that just goes all out on its concept. Some may find the woodland creatures insufferable but if you can get past that, this is a very enjoyable jackpot and can offer up a substantial reward.

Once again, you’ll find wilds, scatters and plenty of opportunity to bag those millions. Just try not to go nuts attempting to do it! Sorry, we couldn’t resit making that pun… But, honestly, we beg you to try.


4. Space Venture: The Big One Jackpot Slot

space venture progressiveFinally, we have the last of these progressive jackpots (and probably the most fun to play) Space Venture. It has, of course, an outer space adventure theme and uses planets, moons and robots as symbols for the reel. It’s the most fun to play because it successfully emulates an adventure in space.

Of course, it’s made more fun by the fact that it promises to deliver that sweet, sweet prize of millions of pounds. We dare you to play it and not have a good time, even if you don’t end up winning anything!