bonus-moneyWith competition between mobile casinos to attract players more important than ever – due to the ever increasing numbers of both casinos and players leading to a glut of both places to play and money to be made – every tactic at the disposal of casinos is being employed to entice new users to their sites. One of the most important ways by which casinos do this is by offering players big bonuses, and these bonuses seem ever increasing. We’ve taken a look at a few mobile casinos which have recently upped their bonus offerings, and we’re here to offer advice as to which of these bonuses you should be taking advantage of.

The three casinos we’re going to look at are, LadyLucks, and Elite. These three casinos have a great range of games between them, and represent some of the best aspects of mobile casinos.


LadyLucks LogoFirstly, let’s take a look at LadyLucks. This wildly popular casino has a long history of offering mobile players the opportunity to play fantastic games and enjoy bumper jackpots and bonuses. The announcement that it is going to offer players the opportunity to double their deposits up to a value of £500 will really come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with this great casino.

When they make their first three deposits, players will see the amount of cash entering their account double up to a total of £250, £100 and £150 respectively for each deposit. This is far more than double the total amount which used to be offered by the casino, and a massive boon to new players, who can benefit from hundreds of pounds worth of extra playing time, and higher wagers.

LadyLucks offers a brilliant selection of some of the choicest Probability games around, and new players will quickly discover the value of the extra cash, as they enjoy a plethora of slots designed with players’ enjoyment at their core.


Elite LogoNext we turn to Elite Mobile Casino. This casino hit the scene earlier this year, and has immediately made a splash by becoming known as one of the most generous casinos around for new players. Although a relatively small casino – though still offering a reasonable selection of games – Elite gives its new players the chance to play with an extra £800!

How does this work, then? Well, like LadyLucks, the bonuses you can get from Elite come in the form of increased deposits. On your first deposit, Elite will give you 100% more than your deposit, up to a total of £300. It then offers you the same percentage back up to a total of £250 on your second deposit, and then for your third deposit, you can enjoy 50% back up to a total of £250! This means you can stand to gain an incredible amount in bonuses from Elite, ensuring you can play for much longer without having to worry about running out of funds. which recently announced that, as of the 1st of November 2013, it would be welcoming lucky new players with £20 absolutely free to play with, even before they had deposited a single penny! No, you’re not reading that wrong; really is offering players £20 to have a go at playing any of the many fantastic games on the mobile site, including Chinese Kitchen, Iron Man 2, Jacks or Better, and Blackjack, on top of a load of other slots, casino games and scratch cards.

The £20 deposit free offered by is undoubtedly one of the most generous deposit free bonuses we’ve ever seen here, and in our opinion an opportunity not to be missed. If you needed any more persuasion to convince you of how great this offer is, consider that when you do decide to deposit at – which you probably will want to – your first deposit will be doubled up to £400! You can then enjoy this exact bonus once a week for seven weeks, meaning that you could stand to have gained an extra £3,200 by the end of two months playing at

Our opinion, if you want it, is that of these three casinos, is the one that offers you the most generous complete package. That said, the other two casinos certainly cannot be overlooked, as new players at either of them are in a great position to get huge bonuses. As always, we’d advise that you play at casinos primarily because of the games that it offers, because enjoying those is the most important part of visiting any casino. However, we recognise that bonuses are also hugely important to many players, so hope you’ll use this guide to find the casino which offers the combination you want of great games and generous bonuses.