Downloading a mobile slot game to your phone is a simple process that will take you no longer than a few minutes. All mobile slots can be downloaded from the casino's website. Here are some quick instructions to get you going.

  • On your mobile or computer, go to your mobile casino’s website.
  • Search through the slot games, and pick the one that you want to play.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and click send.
  • Wait for a text message (SMS) to arrive on your phone.

Your mobile casino will send you an SMS to download the slot game. This message will also contain a link. Open the link and your mobile casino will then send you the full version of the game. Mobile slot games are usually sent to you as Java files.

Ignore the security warning that might pop up on your phone — as long as you are using a well known mobile casino -– and your mobile phone will download and install your new game!

After download is complete, your slot game will be in either the Games or Application section of your phone. All you have to do now is open the game up and start spinning the reel!

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