Each week at LadyLuck’s Mobile, hundreds of people are winning buckets of money. Some lucky mobile slot players are graced with the honor of winning gigantic jackpots and motivational prizes!

Here is a summary of last week’s big winners and lucky players over at LadyLuck’s (4 July – 10 July):

Lots of commotion on Monday

On Monday, the week started off with LadyLuck’s announcing the prize for their Monthly Player Prize Draw for the month of July: An iPhone 4!

The winner of the monthly prize draw is always selected and announced at the end of the month. All you have to do to be entered is to deposit money into your LadyLuck's account during the month and play some games. So, if you’re already doing that all you have to do is wait in anticipation and cross your fingers for a new iPhone 4 from LadyLuck’s!

That wasn’t all that happened on Monday, however. Julie from Edinburgh started off the week of jackpots with a £6,300 winner on a free bonus spin while playing The Slot. I guess those free bonus spins really do pay off!

Tuesday was the day to win

The sun rose on Tuesday and Colin from Fraserburgh decided to be the day’s first and biggest winner with a whopping £8,557.48 jackpot on Pharaohs Fortunes! That’s the sort of win that makes the rest of the work week fly by!

Even though Colin was the day’s big winner, Julie from Bradford still snuck in with a Knight Quest jackpot worth £1,219.14. That’s nothing to turn your nose up to, especially considering she only bet 60p on the spin!

Everybody loves bingo

Wednesday brought LadyLuck’s weekly mobile bingo chat quiz and Angela from London won £20. That’s free money, just for playing!

A game just for those paying attention

On Friday, the fine people over at LadyLuck’s decided to have a little ‘Friday Fun’ on their Facebook page. They posted 13 (luck number 13) scrambled movie character names on their page, and the players who guessed the correct name –- along with who played the character and from what movie –- won up to £3 on bonus money! That’s a nice way to have a little fun AND win some free money!

Playing at LadyLuck’s has its advantages

LadyLuck’s is the biggest and most popular mobile casino in the United Kingdom, and the jackpots they hand out each week, as well as the bonus money and prizes players can win simply as member perks, are some great reasons why people keep coming back to the LadyLuck’s site.

Keep playing LadyLuck's, and maybe next week you’ll make the list of LadyLuck’s big winners!