666Bet LogoAt the start of the month we brought you news of the troubles that 666Bet was going through, namely how all of the players funds were essentially inaccessible. Due to a criminal investigation concerning a director in the company, the UKGC recalled the company’s licence to trade in the UK, meaning that it had to shut down immediately, leaving the balance of unclaimed cash in player accounts unreachable. But now Skrill appears to have stepped up to the rescue of many unfortunate souls. 

What was the problem?

The original issue related to the revoking of 666Bet’s licence, which meant that 666Bet and its subsidiary Metro Play – which it acquired in September of last year – had to immediately stop all betting activities. In practise, this meant that both sites had to totally shut down; no money could come in or out once that was done.

Now you might ask, ‘why couldn’t players simply log in to retrieve their money, but not be allowed to play?’ – and that’s where the compounding factors come into play. Basically, an online or mobile casino without a licence is like poison in the industry and reputable payment intermediaries don’t want their name tarnished by association or risk handling dodgy money. Put simply – all the banking methods became unavailable, so players had no way of withdrawing their cash, even if they could access their accounts.

Skrill the Saviour

logo-skrillIt was announced today that players would soon be able to access their funds, but only if they open a Skrill account. Evidently, 666Bet and Skrill have come to an arrangement which will see the popular online payment system handling all withdrawal requests at both casinos. 666Bet contacted all of its registered players instructing them to open Skrill accounts – if they do not already have them – and await further instructions on how to reclaim their money.

Why has it taken so long?

The initial closure of the site is a forgivable excuse for not handing over funds right away, but since it has been a month since the sites went down, it does beg the question why 666Bet has taken so long to work all of this out. While 666Bet has claimed that it had been waiting on the green light from UKGC before pushing forward with a payment plan deal, UKGC claims that it has had no correspondence with 666Bet on the matter, nor does it say that any such authorisation would be necessary.

What are you doing 666Bet? You’re in a hole and you just keep digging down. The good news is that at least all the long-suffering players should have their cash back soon.