The much anticipated iPhone 7 was released this week and, as is to be expected with the launch of any apple product these days, people are going nuts for it. Apple has managed to cram a whole load of new features into its latest phone and many mobile casino gamblers are already starting to wonder how it will perform for them. With this in mind, we’ve compiled this list of mobile casinos which will work perfectly with the new iPhone 7 and its new capabilities.


Water Resistance – in an iPhone 7So let’s start with the feature that’s attracting the biggest buzz – the new iPhone’s water resistance. While no one’s promising that you can go swimming or deep sea diving with the new phone, you’ll now be able to use it in the rain without any trouble, and not need to worry about it getting splashed with water.

The iPhone casino we’re pairing with this feature is This casino has one of the most extensive slot game rosters you’ll find anywhere; tucked in this casino you’ll find loads of beach themed slots, like Baywatch, Sunset Beach, Thai Paradise and Beach life, and what do we find at the beach? That’s right, the sea – a huge body of water and if you’re going to play appropriately themed slots by the sea, you want to be sure your phone isn’t going to be damaged if you fail to towel off properly.

Alternatively, it’s perfect for while you dream about winning enough for a beach holiday, sitting in your bath, playing on your new iPhone.

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Longer Battery Life – Kerching!

Kerching Casino in an iPhone 7Ok, so this might not be specific to the new iPhone, given that pretty much every new smartphone release comes with the promise of a longer battery life, but that’s kind of not the point. By giving you a bigger battery, the new iPhone is giving you the chance to enjoy great mobile casinos for even longer without having to stop playing to recharge.

Our pairing of iPhone casino for making the most of a longer battery life is Kerching Casino. First of all it’s worth mentioning that Kerching has almost 200 games available to mobile players, meaning your iPhone is going to need a lot of juice if you want to get through all the titles at this casino.

Moreover, with titles from the likes of IGT, Nektan and NetEnt, you know these big games are going to take a lot of power to run. Take for instance the fantastic Guns ‘n’ Roses from NetEnt; the detail put into the sound and graphics of this game mean, unfortunately, that it uses a lot of battery to run. Luckily, if you’re playing this casino on your iPhone 7, you’ll never need to worry about playing big games on the go.

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Sleeker Appearance – PocketWin

PocketWin Casino in an iPhone 7There’s a lot of pressure on phone companies to constantly be improving the look and feel of their handsets and the new iPhone is no different. Rounder edges, a curvier design, a higher resolution display, and most importantly, the fact that it’s available in five different colours including two new shades of black. What more could you want from a phone?

The iPhone casino we’re choosing to pair with this feature is PocketWin casino. This one might not seem so obvious, but PocketWin casino knows a thing or two about improving the way one looks. Having spent the last couple of years languishing in low popularity thanks to its outdated appearance, PocketWin this year had a major revamp, and is back looking and feeling better than ever

Why not try out PocketWin casino and the new iPhone 7 together, and see if the universe implodes thanks to how sleek and attractive the sum of their two parts is..? Or… you know, just see if they look good together.

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Missing Headphone Jack – Mr Spins

Mr Spin Casino in an iPhone 7The feature which Apple has been trying to put the most positive spin on but is still getting the most backlash for is the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack from the new iPhone. While the company is keen for us to believe that this is all in the name of cramming in more great features, most reviewers have been pretty harsh about the fact that if you’re not willing to fork out over £100 for the wireless ear buds, need to use an adapter which prevents you from listening to music while you charge.

Our iPhone casino pairing for this feature? Mr Spin Casino. Now look, this might sound a bit negative, and in some ways it is, but you need to bear in mind we have absolutely nothing against Mr Spin per se, it’s just… the sound is uninspiring. Mr Spins is a totally unique site, featuring games made in house by its own developers, which you won’t find anywhere else!

These slots are great, but, the one drawback of this self-made approach is that sometimes one element is not quite as good as the others – in Mr Spin’s case, it’s the music and sound effects. I’m not saying you should never play Mr Spin casino with the sound on, but if your iPhone 7’s lack of audio jack prevents it, you’re not missing too much.

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