Mobile slots are the latest craze to hit the world of gambling and they are set to become even bigger as more and more people are persuaded that this is the future of the humble slot machine. With a huge amount of different slot games to choose from -– all of which have their own special features and quirks –- there is something for everyone to enjoy when it comes to this pursuit. What many people want to know though is how to play these games and, more specifically, what tips there are in order to win more money! So, read on to find out how the expert players play the mobile slots and find out how you can become more productive in your gambling…

Learn the Ropes Slowly

Monte Carlo by Hopa - Screenshot with 5K WinThe first thing that should be mentioned when it comes to mobile slots is that it is, of course, a system that is completely based on chance. This means that there is no way that you can influence the outcome of a specific spin. What can change someone’s fortunes though is the way that they play the games and the knowledge that they have of specific machines that they use.

Continuing on this subject of knowledge, the new player to the mobile slots scene should first get acquainted with the way in which the simpler machines work. Slots such as Fruit Machine by mFortune are great for this, as they have only one win line and don’t have any special features to confuse the new player with. Using this simple machine you can learn how the different features of a mobile slot work, such as how to change the amount that you bet and how to automate the spins so you can play as quickly as possible.

Once you have mastered the simpler slots, you can move onto other ones that offer more win lines and bonus features to players. These will take some getting used to, so try to understand how the lines work and how they change as your bets get larger, as well as how to both activate and play the bonus games. Most bonus games are similar in the way that they work and are simply presented in a different way, therefore if you work out how to play one, then you will be able to play most of the others as well.

Once you have gone through the previous stage, you are ready to play on the more complex slots, such as the ones with 50 win lines and multiple features, like Egyptian Magic. Once again this will be a steep learning curve but it will be well worth it when you finally understand all of the intricacies of mobile slot machines! So, in conclusion for this part of the article, the tip is to know exactly what you are doing, as knowledge is power in the mobile slots world! Read our excellent article on the different features of mobile slots, too.

Bet Big!

Now for a tip that will get you the most amount of money from your mobile slots betting, although it might be quite a scary prospect for some people! This is because the next tip is to always bet as much as you can on each spin, because the more you bet, the better the odds get! For example, if you bet one coin and spin the jackpot, you might receive around 2,000 times the stake you placed. If you had placed the maximum bet though (usually 3 coins) then the payout would have been closer to 10,000 times the stake instead! Obviously betting more money does lead to bigger risks as well, but if you want to win some big bucks then you will have to take a few more risks in the way that you play!

Lady in Purple Winner on Slot

Know Your Chances

Another good tip is to always investigate the mobile slot that you are playing on before you start to pump money into it, because each slot machine has its own percentage in terms of the amount that it will pay out. For example, one machine might have a payout percentage of 87%, while another might be at 90% — it doesn’t sound like much but it really makes a difference if you are playing them every single day! This information can usually be found in the FAQ section of most sites, or by emailing them to ask them. They will let you know because it is their legal obligation to do so -– hence the reason why the odds are printed on the side of most conventional slot machines in pubs and clubs around the country.

Pick the Right Casino

As you probably already know, there are a massive amount of different mobile casinos out there, all vying for your custom. It is very important that you pick the right one to play on though, as they can really differ in terms of the amount you can win –- although this has nothing to do with the odds that they offer! This is because different casinos offer different welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses for their players, so picking the right one can be the difference between receiving £20 or £100 in bonuses!

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