cartoon picture of iphoneMany mobile casinos offer game apps for iPhones. The iPhone is one of the best platforms to play real-money mobile slots! Because of the user-friendly nature of the iPhone, with touch screen capabilities and extremely realistic graphics, players are treated to a slot-playing experience that cannot be matched anywhere, not even in Vegas!

There are, unfortunately, restrictions set forth by Apple as to mobile gambling apps that appear in the Apple App Store. Real money casino games are not allowed. Sports betting apps, however, are allowed. These sports betting apps must comply with local law – this means that if sports gambling is legal in your area (if you’re in the UK, then the answer to that is YES) than mobile developers are allowed to publish sports betting apps, and the public is allowed to download these apps!

So how have mobile casinos getting around Apple’s ban of casino games on the App Store? Well, they’ve make casino websites that work on the Safari browser. All you have to do is check out our reviews and figure out which mobile slot games sound like the most fun to you, and go to the mobile casino’s website!