Man Screaming At PhoneWhile the vast majority of gambling sessions run smoothly with all wins credited to you and all withdrawals are granted and processed quickly, sometimes issues do arise. No matter if you can't seem to get paid by a mobile casino or they're disputing the amount that you won playing mobile slots, there are ways to get all your complaints formally looked at. Some online casinos are predatory in their behaviour and want to have the final say in all disputes, disregarding your complaints totally, but there are still other avenues to explore. So, don't be intimidated by casino management and get justice served with our handy guide to formal dispute and complaint procedures at online and mobile casinos.

Online casinos should always strive for excellence in the way they deal with their customers, i.e. paying players just like us and you. Yet, there are times when disagreements arise between the casino and you. This guide article is here to help you: in four easy steps, you'll hopefully have your dispute resolved to your favour and restore any injustice that has been carried out.

1. Get In Touch With Customer Support
We know that it's frustrating to run into issues when you think that you are right and the mobile casino is wrong. Your very first port of call should always be the customer support of that particular casino. So get in touch with them as soon as your issue arises, because often times, casinos place time constraints on raising an issue or putting in a complaint with them to a week, two weeks or sometimes a month. In other words, if you didn't get your deposit credited to your account and you call the casino too late, you might not be legally able to redeem any money at all.

Live Chat BannerIf you phone or live chat with a customer service representative, you should know of the outcome of your dispute pretty much straight away. Other times, an email response might take 24 or 48 hours, depending on the size of the casino. In either case, it won't take weeks and weeks for you to get a decision on your complaint.

And while the casinos claim to be objective when dealing with it, the truth is that they often have the final say in whatever the matter is. You've agreed to it when registering when you ticked that box that you agree with the terms and conditions, remember? Of course not! Unfortunately, many casinos will enter predatory clauses into their T&Cs that will mean the casino has the final say, no matter that you stand to lose money unfairly. That's life. But don't forego trying to get the issue solved anyway, because doing so is often times a prerequisite of a formal IBAS adjudication process.

Oh and one last thing — don't be tempted to go on mobile casino forums, social media or any other publicly visible media to complain and whine about your issue as that can be deemed breach of contract. You might get a dispute resolved because most casinos will require for you not to disclose any information pertaining to the issue to any third party. It's the confidentiality clause that should prevent you from speaking out about the dispute before a formal decision by the casino has been made.

2. Write Up Your Complaint To Escalate It With Management
While most mobile casinos have professional and highly trained support staff, not all instances and disputes can be solved through them. So if the customer support haven't been treating you right and you feel that the decision they've reached is still unfair, unjust or doesn't meet your needs, you can always write an actual letter.

Red MailboxA letter sent to a physical registered address of a mobile casino will be looked upon as more serious and important. Often times, the problem that you've encountered will be escalated with the management simply because you've taken the time to write to them, which clearly shows that you are still unhappy. If they're a good casino, they will look into the issue again to make you, the player and their customer, as happy as they can make you.

Usually, a more serious member of staff will deal with a written complaint and they might, on occasion, ask you for evidence. Be it screenshots, invoices, transactions or any other information, you should always keep a detailed account on what had happened and how the issue unfolded. Failure to provide evidence to the casino management can result in them being unable to solve your problem in a favourable way.

And the great news is that the mobile casinos are often times obligated to provide you with the outcome of their investigation within a limited time frame. Sometimes that can be a week, 10 days or a couple of weeks, but in any case, they must inform you in writing in a timely manner. if they don't do so, you have a reasonable case to take through to the next step in our issue resolution guide. Keep on reading.

3. Let IBAS Adjudicate
Any self-respecting mobile casino that provides legitimate services and are UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) licenced should also be registered with the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS). This ensures that players can take their complaints to a third party that's able to pass unbiased judgement on the matter.

IBAS LogoIBAS deals with complaints that arise between gambling operators and the players if a deadlock persists. Their experts will look at the issue and ensure that terms and conditions have been applied correctly, or that the casino has been compliant with UKGC industry standards.

Keep in mind that issues must be raised with IBAS within a six month time frame after the last communication that you received from the casino. Plus, as we already mentioned, you must have raised the issue with the casino first before taking any dispute to IBAS. In other words, if you don't get a £50 cheque that the casino posted to you and the casino fails to issue another one, you cannot go directly to IBAS and expect their help.

4. Final Port Of Call
While IBAS should ideally be able to resolve the dispute and inform you of the outcome in a timely manner, if you still think that you've been treated unfairly or that the casino management have wrongly applied the terms and conditions and cheated you out of winnings unjustly, there is one final avenue to explore.

As the absolute last ditch attempt, you could follow through with the Online Dispute Resolution Platform. This is a European Union initiative which can adjudicate and solve disputes between all European consumers and all businesses within its jurisdiction and online gambling and gamblers fall within those categories. You'll have to file a complaint, provide them with any evidence that you may have and hope for the best.