Cleopatra PLUS IGT slot logoIt’s great to see the good old IGT still churning out new slots and this time, the news of a brand new iteration of Cleopatra have reached us. Although no clear date of release has been set yet, the slots forums are buzzing with excitement after IGT spread the rumour of a Cleopatra Plus mobile slot. Featuring 40 paylines, level up opportunities, unlockable content, stacked wilds and potentially massive wins that righteously fit the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra PLUS is looking promising.

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There’s been Cleopatra, Cleopatra II and even Mega Jackpots Cleopatra, but now it’s time for IGT to release Cleopatra Plus. There’s always much to expect from this software developer with years and years in both brick-and-mortar and online/mobile casino industries. Sure enough, the demo play looks and feels awesome, with big and mega wins triggering often. We hope that it’s not a fluke once the actual game is released to all IGT casinos and we can’t wait to play around on Cleopatra PLUS some more. Until then, here’s all the info that we have on this exciting new mobile slot release.

Basic Gameplay Impresses, Features Blow Away
Cleopatra PLUS IGT slot paytableOften times, the base game (as opposed to extra spins mode or feature mode) isn’t much to write about. However Cleopatra PLUS impresses from the get go with its 40 fixed paylines and the bet range from £40 to £800.

While we aren’t sure that the number of paylines will remain fixed when the game is released, it would surely make for an expensive affair to play at such high stakes. However, we’re sure that whatever IGT decide to do, it will find its own niche of players, possibly ones who’ve adored Cleopatra all along.

However, it’s all about the features in this game. Arguably, that’s why they called it Cleopatra PLUS, as it has Wilds, Extra Spins, collecting of deities, leveling up, unlocking maps and much more to boot. Whereas the Wilds are just like any other Wilds, which serve to substitute for all regular symbols to boost your wins, when you get a Wild substitute in a win, you’re payout is doubled!

Even then, Stacked Wilds is really what you should be on the look out for. The Wilds can appear stacked in 2, 3, 6 or 10 and the size of the stack is randomly determined at each spin. Needless to say, these have considerably larger payouts and the game gets really exciting when you reach six or ten Stacked Wilds — hold on to your hats!


Leveling Up And Exploring Ancient Maps
Cleopatra PLUS IGT slot Level UpWe’ve not seen a feature so comprehensively thought as the level up and the bonus maps of Cleopatra PLUS. In fact, we love this mobile slot for it! So let’s break it down. First, choose which deity you want to be your special symbol: Aset, Bastet or Hathor. Whenever these appear on the reels, they’ll be counted towards the grand total and after achieving a certain number, you’ll advance a level.

Three more deities can be unlocked at level 4, including Ra, Amun and Anubis. So to advance to level 1, you’ll need to get to a fifty count, to advance to level 2, you’ll need 50 more and so on. There are eight defined levels up, each with varying benefits to them. In addition to unlocking deities, you can also access new maps and get sizable payback boosts.

And then there are the bonus maps that you can trigger. You can choose which maps to play on, each with varying features that include extra spins, multipliers and more. You’ll start off with five extra spins and a multiplier of 1x and work your way up. It works by placing followers, which are little Egyptian figures. Once you’ve placed all of them at various locations on the map, the rewards will be revealed and counted towards your total.

Depending on your level, you can get multipliers of up to 5x, up to 30 extra spins, cash wins, last spin multipliers of up to 50x and even 10 super spins. This makes it totally worth your while, as the wins you stand to reap are potentially massive! All in all, we’re totally digging Cleopatra PLUS and it’s looking like one of the best mobile slots that’ll be released this year.

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