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 Genesis Gaming is a developer that’s not often on our news radar as they don’t release new mobile slot titles that often. Yet, it’s just come out with the news that Jason’s Quest, an innovative new machine, is on it’s way to online and mobile casinos and will be available in April. While a lot of detail is still unclear, one thing is for sure – this mobile slot will intrigue with its unique features, entertain with the cinematic storytelling and bring something new to mobile slots in a way of leveling up.

Play Jason’s Quest At Unibet Casino When it Comes Out This April!


Appealing To Millennials
It must be harder than we think to appeal to us, the millennials, when it comes to mobile slots. We need them to be great looking, engaging, rewarding, varied… The list goes on and software developers race to discover the next big thing that will appease mobile gamblers. This time, we think that Genesis Gaming has struck gold with Jason’s Quest and although not all of the detail is yet available on the game, there are certain things that we do know.

Jason's Quest by Genesis Gaming Mobile Slot IntroFirst of all, it will contain a never seen before feature called Graduated Feature. Simply put, the game will contain multiple levels that the players can reach as they collect special tokens to unlock features. Winning those features will help you get to cash prizes, multipliers and Extra Spins. Plus, the RTP will increase with each level up, so it is definitely worth your while to level up and unlock features.

As you can tell, all those who are up for an adventure, a quest or whatever you want to call it, will find Jason’s Quest mobile slot great. Think back to the ancient Greek story of Jason and The Argonauts, the storyline upon which this mobile slot is based and you will know exactly what we’re on about – fighting mythical creatures, skeleton armies and the like.

This is precisely the thing that can have millennials hooked – a storyline that is engaging and levels that they must power through to get more rewards and unlock new content. We wish that more developers would take this on board and shun the old-school graphics, sounds and the dated feel that some mobile slots have, to develop truly extraordinary slots that offer amazing gameplay.


HMTL5 Experience
HTML5 LogoWe’ve got to say that April couldn’t come quick enough as we can’t wait to check out this mobile slot, but it’s not just because of it’s storyline and features. Genesis Gaming created and developed this slot using HTML5 technology, which is the latest, most versatile and the most mobile device friendly technology that currently exists.

We expect absolutely zero glitches, no misplaced pixels and a smooth-sailing gameplay experience all-around. So despite being a slightly usual five reel and 25 payline mobile slot, Jason’s Quest will rival the competition with it’s visual appeal and the high-quality gaming experience on any device, stationary or mobile.

It appears that Genesis Gaming are taking their portfolio of 150 mobile games to new heights and we welcome that. Having been dormant for a while, they’re coming back with slots that punch way above their weight and we are looking forward to even more, high-tech titles from them.


Play Jason’s Quest At Unibet Casino When it Comes Out This April!