For more traditional players of slot machines — those used to just three reels that are spun and don’t have all of the bells and whistles of the modern slot machine — entering into the world of mobile slot machines can be daunting. With different features, exciting bonus games and things like scatter symbols to factor in, it can often feel like they are playing a whole new game and not just the next progression in the slot machine world.

For this reason, it is important that all new players have a good knowledge of exactly what the different types, aspects and features of a mobile slot are. After all, if you don’t fully understand them, how are you going to give yourself the chance to get those massive jackpots that are being offered?! This is of utmost importance on casinos like mFortune, Moobile Games and Hopa Mobile who have the greatest variety of slots. So, below are the features that all players must know about and understand before they start to play mobile slot machines…

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are great if you are looking to complete a line and add yet more money to your stack of winnings. They can basically be thought of as the joker in the pack, because they can double up as any symbol on the board. This means that there is no need to get a full line of symbols to win the prize — you can simply get a couple and fill the rest of the line with the highly useful wild symbols! It is generally the rule that if you get the chance to hold a wild symbol, then take it with both hands!


Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols completely blow open the old premise that you have to line up symbols in a row in order to get a payout. This is because scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the reel and lead to a nice win for you! For example, on a five reel machine you might get a scatter symbol on the first, third and fifth reels, but still be given a nice payout anyway! Much like wild symbols, if you get the chance to hold them, then make sure that you do, as they account for a large percentage of wins on mobile slot machines!

Multiplier Symbols

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that multiplier symbols do one thing — they multiply your winnings! If they are part of a winning line then they will increase the amount that you win by a number of times. This means that even spinning in cherries — symbols that traditionally don’t pay out much — can turn out to be a massively profitable spin! If that is the case with cherries, then just imagine the riches that you could win if you manage to spin in the jackpot with a multiplier symbol! This is why they are generally considered to be the best and most exciting symbol on a mobile slot machine by regular players.

Bonus Symbols

The most important thing that you should know is that bonus symbols = big wins! All slot machines differ in their use of bonus symbols, but the basic premise is that you must spin a predefined number onto the reels — usually in no specific order — so that the bonus game can start. As you will see from the below section, bonus games can provide the biggest payouts available…

Spinning Wheels on Moobile Games' Loopy Lotto

Bonus Games

Bonus games can take a variety of different forms, with some being skill based and others relying more on luck than judgment. One thing that you can be guaranteed though is that every time you enter a bonus game, you will leave with more money than you started with! Bonus games sometimes give instant cash prizes to the player, but more often than not they give away extra spins at the amount of money you were previously playing for. These can sometimes run into the hundreds and you’ll see your winnings pile go up and up and up as the reels keep spinning again and again!

mFortune's Alien Fruits Bonus Game: Lucky Stars

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots might be found in the super casinos in Vegas, but they certainly won’t be found in your local pub or pool hall! They are basically jackpots that increase over time, as more and more people play the many different machines linked to the network — meaning that jackpots can often rise into the millions! Mobile slot machines are perfect for this concept, as there are thousands of people playing at any one time, meaning that the jackpot rises rapidly –something that should have your eyes bulging with the amount of riches you could win when the jackpot symbols spin in for you! Read more about progressive jackpots here >

As you can see, mobile slot machines are absolutely packed with features and these all represent a great chance for you to win big on the game. It is important to understand them all though and to do this, it is usually best to start on one of the machines with less features — such as a three reel machine — to ensure that you get a grip on the basics first. As you gradually understand more and more, you can move up the ladder until you are playing the most complex machines with the biggest payouts — which will hopefully make you extremely rich indeed!

Well, we hope our analyses of some mobile slots shall certainly get you started on your first mobile slot today. Check out our face-offs for mFortune versus LadyLuck’s and Fruity Phone versus PocketFruity. We also recommend that you read our favourite tips before your game.