If you are one of the many people in the United Kingdom who enjoys gambling, then you really are alive during the right point in history. Not only are there all of the traditional forms of gambling still available to you — such as casinos, bookmakers and even the slot machines found in bars and pubs –- but there is also the opportunity to gamble online, therefore making the process easier than it has ever been. Recently though an even newer and more exciting way to gamble has started to take hold of the population, and this is the practice of gambling through mobile phones

Better Technology

The increase in the technology that mobile phones come acquitted with nowadays is the reason why this is now possible. With massive amounts of memory, fast internet connections and the ease of which applications can be downloaded, everyone is just a few minutes away from getting their mobile gambling adventure started. But why exactly has mobile gambling, and especially the use of mobile slot machines (see our slot reviews), got so popular and who are the people most likely to use this highly innovative and industry changing service?

Person holding an old phone playing a slot game

Modern day life

So let’s start with the reason for the popularity of mobile gambling first, and the main reason why people seem to be gravitating towards it is simple — our lives are getting much busier and we simply don’t have the luxury to be able to sit down in front of a computer or in a casino for hours on end. This means that people have to snatch the opportunity to have a quick gamble wherever they are, be it at work, on the train or while walking to work. This means that most people with a fondness for online gambling are playing on their mobile for a number of short spells every day, instead of in one long period like they would have done before.

Another reason that people are gambling on their phones more is due to the simple fact that they can! This is the first time in history whereby this opportunity has been available to us and therefore why not use it to its maximum potential? Just like people now use their mobile phones more than their home phones, they are also now starting to use mobiles as a replacement for computers as well. In fact, with the advent of tablet computers, it seems like the regular computer’s days could be numbered in a massive number of different areas…

Technology comparison: Old Nokia versus Android

Types of players

So what type of British people are most likely to be using mobile slots and mobile casinos on a regular basis and therefore contributing to this massive surge in popularity that has been seen in recent years? Well, there are a number of different people cottoning on to this new and exciting technology…

The first type of person most likely to be found using mobile slots is the busy and career minded person, who rarely stops to concentrate on any kind of leisure activity, instead preferring to concentrate on work commitments instead. Everyone needs a short break occasionally though, so what better way to spend it than to log on to their favourite casino and play a few slot machines? Busy professionals also usually have the money available to them to indulge in some gambling as well, therefore meaning that they are an important part of the growth of the industry.

As the phone and tablet are getting more and more popular, the amount of people discarding their laptops and computers is growing, and these people make up another chunk of those competing in a high amount of mobile gambling. These are basically the people who have decided that mobile gambling – as well as the other features found on mobile phones – are just as good as the ones on regular computers so therefore they no longer need the latter. This saves money on buying expensive equipment and, should they use the 3G connection on the mobile device, money on broadband fees as well – money that can be spent on a few spins at the mobile slots casino!

Android cyber lady

And finally…

As can be seen, the reasons for the increase in mobile gambling (just ask Google) are far reaching and comprehensive, encompassing a society that is running out of leisure time, as well as a society that is consistently making massive jumps in terms of technological prowess. The industry will only get stronger as the years ware on, so expect to see a massive amount of new customers using this service sooner rather than later! Especially as the number of casinos offering mobile gambling seems to be rising by the second!

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