Gala Bingo and mFortune casino on two arms of a balance

Are you a slot player on a bingo site, or a slot player on a mobile casino?


When it comes to playing slot games on your mobile phone or tablet, which casino do you tend to choose? Do you tend to go for a low-stake / slot-rich casino like PocketWin, or are you simply a Progressive Jackpot hunter, looking to play at any site that offers you the chance to pop a small fortune? Or you might genuinely be interested in playing only Bingo, turning to slots if your bingo site offers the option! Bingo sites these days are taking a keen interest in hosting slot games and tournaments, so it is going to impact the three of the above player types mentioned. We’ll break some myths about playing slot games on bingo sites, and let you decide for yourself!

1. Bingo sites are all girly, I am embarrassed to play slots there!

Let’s submit to the fact that mobile bingo is a more popular form of gambling than mobile slots in the UK. For men who get put off by the woman-friendly aesthetics on bingo sites, think again. Large bingo sites like Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo have huge progressive jackpots rolling all the time. If you check out the Mecca Bingo’s winners section, you’ll realise that people have won staggering amounts like £11,335.19£659,693.33, and £118,091.35 off progressive slot games!

The winners we’re referring to are currently women, but is it because men often get embarrassed to play slots there? It’s time for you to break the walls.

2. Will I have enough choice of slot games on Bingo sites?

Good question! We can’t generalise how many slot games you might get to play on Bingo sites, but Bingo sites definitely do more progressive jackpots than regular low-stake slots. However, if you aren’t the progressive jackpot type, and would prefer to stick to low-stake slots with a frequent payout, you still have something to take home from a decent Bingo site.

Mecca Bingo, Mira Bingo, and Gala Bingo have more video slot games than even the dedicated slot-focussed casinos like mFortune and Pocket Fruity! Period.

3. But the slot games on these Bingo sites are unheard of!

Ah… you’ll hear more about them as you play them, luv! That’s what happens when you play a limited set of games on one site, and find a plethora of options on the other. If you’re interested, this year there’s a big trend of having multiple software providers and multiple slot game types on slot-focussed casinos. What we often don’t realise is that: Bingo sites have been doing it all the time, and slot-focussed casinos are only now picking up the trend!

Well-known Bingo sites often offer you a good sorting feature on the slot games: You can easily sift through classic 1-line slot games, progressive jackpot games, video slot games, etc. These sites also have a good customer support system in place, so if you’re unsure about any game, just give them a ring!

4. Okay, but when I go to slot-focussed casinos, I also play other games like Roulette and Table Games.

Hmm.. Well, in that case, you should still continue playing Roulette and Table Games on those mobile casinos. Unfortunately, majority of UK’s bingo sites just do bingo and video slot games and tournaments, so if you regularly play Roulette, Blackjack or Poker, you’ll have to go back to your original mobile casinos.

We think bingo-focussed sites find the idea of hosting table games a bit too divergent for their original aesthetics and target players. Table games and poker have an affluent sophistication to them that is a tad too “serious” in taste for websites with a core bingo focus. That’s why you’ll find dedicated poker websites like Pokerstars who want to majorly cater for a “professional gambler” category of players. Mobile casinos are somewhere in the middle of this cluster — they neither are as “professional” as dedicated poker sites, nor are as “noisy and carefree” as dedicated bingo sites.

5. I’m confused now. Just tell me where to play my slots!

Firstly, determine your personality type and motivation to play slot games. You may fall into more than one of the following types of players, but just go for what appeals to you the most.


What personality type are you?


Which site you should play?

Do you play low stakes just for fun, and not for money?

Play on a slot-focussed site like mFortune.

Do you play regularly with hopes of winning a big progressive jackpot someday?

Play on websites that offer many games with progressive jackpots. Some of them might have a slot focus; whereas some of them have a bingo focus. Try Vera & John, Paddy Power and Mecca Bingo.

Are you interested in massive slot draws and prizes?

Play on bingo sites with slot draws and tournaments. Try Gala Bingo.

Would you rather NOT PLAY on websites that cater only to men or women?

Avoid bingo websites. Many of them are women-centric currently.

Must you have a myriad of options available each time you sit down to play slot games?

You probably are a wild explorer when it comes to games. Try a variety of mobile gambling websites: small mobile casinos, large mobile casinos, bingo sites, etc. You’ll find all that you want in our game reviews and casino reviews sections!