The online casinos vs land based casinos debate is one that comes up the minute you meet someone who’s on the opposing team. How often have you heard someone say ‘online gaming isn’t the same as playing in a real casino’ or that ‘you don’t really gamble’, as if if you’re not hitting up the Las Vegas strip every night then it doesn’t count. Those who favor land based casinos argue that they offer a better experience, but if that were true why is online gambling an industry that’s growing at an exponential rate, whilst bricks and mortar casinos struggle to compete? Naturally, we’re Team Online, so today we’re discussing the top 5 reasons why iGaming is obviously the better way to play.


1. You Can Play At Any Time
24/7 ClockUnless you do live at the Las Vegas strip, it’s very unlikely that your local bookies or casino is open 24/7. Plus even if it is continually open, you then need to get to it’s location. This will be fine for some players, who drive and have regular shift patterns which mean they can spend their evenings at the casino. However, we’re not all in that position and that’s where online casinos have the advantage.

Online casinos are open 24/7, 365 days a year. On top of being open for all players, all the time, it means that you don’t need to dedicate a night to playing. Got a spare ten minutes in the morning? Why not have a few spins? Partner wants to watch X Factor and you hate it? Get your phone out and play. The ease of use factor to online gambling easily beats going to a land based casinos as you can play any time, and for however long is possible.


2. It’s Cheaper
Poker Table With Cocktail GlassWhilst in actual gameplay terms it may not be exactly true that online casinos are cheaper, bear with us for a minute here. If you’ve got £100 to blow on gaming, where will you get more for your money – online or in a land based casino?

Going to a land based casino involves transport to and from the venue, you’ll probably want a drink when you arrive, maybe you’ll start to get hungry as you play. All of these extra costs are eating into your £100. This means you may only have £70 left over to play with.

In contrast, you can start up your laptop from your own home, drink your own beers and eat yesterday’s leftovers for all anyone knows. This means you can deposit the full £100 and play with it all. Whilst this doesn’t necessarily make the experience cheaper, it does mean you get to spend all of your cash on what it was intended to be spent on.


3. Laziness
Staying In MemeLaziness was counted as one of the seven deadly sins but, here at MobileSlots4U, we think its something you should embrace. Everyone loves a lazy day on the sofa or a Friday night in accompanied by a takeaway and, thanks to the genius of the internet, you can play your favourite casino games whilst you relax.

One of the best bits about relaxing, however, is your relaxing attire — whether that’s pyjamas, underpants, or that onesie some distant relative bought you last Christmas. Now imagine turning up to a land based casino dressed like you do in your own house.

Land based casinos impose certain standards of dress code. Even though the black tie expectations of the past have loosened up a little, you’ll still probably have a little bit of a showdown with the bouncers if you try and enter in your boxers! On the other hand, playing online means that you don’t even need to interact with other humans if you don’t want to – that means it’s perfectly acceptable to play even if you haven’t showered for a few days,  when you’re having a bad hair day or if you just want to play in the nude – whatever floats your boat!


4. Online Gaming Favours Low Rollers
Free Bonus SignThis one’s a biggie! Land based casinos treat high rollers as celebrities, but if you’re spending £20 on 10p spins, it’s likely they won’t look at you twice, let alone offer you any sort of bonus or special treatment. We’ve all seen films where suited and booted protagonists sit down at a poker table to have free cocktails brought over by a personal butler and the casino owner comes over to shake their hand. Sadly, unless you enter a casino with tons of cash, you won’t be getting this sort of service.

The online world, in contrast, is very different. Online casinos are great for low rollers as their bonuses and promotions are as much for them as they are for big spenders. Most deposit match bonuses and other promotions start at a reasonable £10 and you can pick up extra spins pretty regularly too – regardless of how much money you spend. Plus, sites like mFortune offer deposit limits set as low as just £3, meaning you can keep playing even when you’re a bit short of funds.


5. Variety
TOC-Top-imageChances are if you really want to play at a land based casino there’s probably one in a city near you. But, its likely that that will be it – just one. Those who live in smaller towns may have to travel to get to it too, meaning if you end up not liking the one closest, you’re out of options unless you drive even further away.

Commuting to a casino might not bother some people, but the limited number of UK casinos means that you can’t really afford to dislike too many. Yet, as we all know, the online world is very different.

There are hundreds of different online casinos around, each with their own pros and cons. For newbies finding a favourite casino is no mean feat, but the huge variety of sites around means that you can find something that suits your specific needs.