STOP signFor the majority of mobile casino players, the most important aspects of a site they’re considering playing at is the games and promotions on offer. An equally (if not in many ways more) important thing to consider when signing up to play at a new casino is the safety measures in place to protect you while you play. You’re sharing your personal information and trusting your money with these casinos, so it’s worth making sure you’re with a brand you can trust. In this post we’ll run you through some of the most important questions you should be asking yourself before signing up and deposing at mobile casinos.


Is Your Chosen Casino Operating Legally?

In the UK, online and mobile gambling is legal, but it’s also heavily regulated. To hold a licence to operate legally in the UK, there’s certain rules casinos must abide by, mostly related to taxation and player protection. For instance, there are rules which ensure there’s always enough money not tied up with the casino business available, so players can get payouts if the casino goes out of business.

UK Gambling Commission LogoIf you’re playing at a mobile casino, and you’re in the UK, you need to ensure that the site is displaying a UK Gambling Commission license number. If not, you’re wise to steer clear.

Dangers Of Unlicensed Casinos

While it might not sound like a big deal if a casino is operating illegally, especially if they look and feel like any other casino, but in reality it can be really dangerous to play at these sites. The biggest problem is that there’s no oversight and no public body you can turn to if you have a dispute with a casino.

For example, if you won some money but the casino refused to pay out, if the site is licensed, the UK Gambling Commission could investigate on your behalf and ensure you got a fair payout, and sanction the casino for misbehaving. If, however, you’ve chosen to play at an illegal casino, you’re on your own; if an unlicensed casino chooses not to pay you, there’s pretty much nothing you can do.


Are the Games Fair?

Now, everybody knows that the casino business is set up in such a way that the games give the house an automatic edge – otherwise they’d quickly go bankrupt and not be able to offer entertainment to players. However, online and mobile casino games should also be set up in such a way that there is a fair chance of players winning a decent amount of money if they’re lucky enough. I.e. games should not be fixed unfairly in the house’s favour, and the house edge should always be disclosed, so players can wager sensibly.

Jackpot Spelled Out On Casino ReelsLicensed and regulated casinos should always use games with a fair random number generator, and algorithms which don’t discern between players. The best way to ensure you’re playing fair games is to use those developed by the bigger name studios, but it should also be possible to check the licenses of game manufacturers, which should tell you if the developer is regulated.

Danger of Fixed Games

This is pretty obvious when you think about it, but fixed games simply won’t give you a fair chance of winning. Whether it’s promising unwinnable jackpots, always tending towards losing, or simply never throwing up winning combinations, these games are simply designed with the intention of parting you with your money. Make sure you always check who has made the games you’re playing, and only ever play at licensed casinos whose obligation it is to present only fair games.


Are the Banking Options Secure?

Depositing at mobile casino – as with any online transaction – should be approached with healthy caution. You’re giving these sites money, and what’s more, if you’re using credit or debit cards, you’re effectively giving them access to your bank accounts. It’s vitally important, then, that you make sure that these transactions are going to be handled safely, that the casino will not be dodgy enough to take unauthorised payments, and that your personal information won’t be accessible to third parties.

Reel Island Casino Banking MethodsThe best ways to ensure all this are choosing reputable casinos, and choosing options like PayPal, Skrill or Boku, where you’re not actually sharing any information that can be used to access more of your money in the future. If a casino doesn’t allow you to deposit with these options, or seems a little dodgy, it might be better to give it a wide birth.

Dangers of Unsafe Depositing

If you use a credit or debit card to deposit at a mobile casino, and that casino isn’t applying enough security to that transaction, your details may be available for people at the casino, or third party hackers, to access and use to make purchases online. Fraudsters can empty your accounts in a matter of minutes, and though most banks and credit card companies are set up to look after you in the case of fraud, it’s never sensible to rely on that, better to work to prevent fraud in the first place.