man using mobile to deposit on mobile casinoHere at MobileSlots4U, we find we’re always telling you about the virtues of using mobile deposit options at mobile, and for good reason. There’s no doubt that phone bill deposits are the quickest, easiest and most convenient way to deposit at casinos, but it’s not all roses, there’s some drawbacks of using the method. In this post I’ll run you through some of the pitfalls of using mobile phone bill deposits which casinos don’t make players that aware of.


There Are Some Bonuses You Won’t be Able to Claim

It’s a sad fact, but there are some unenlightened casinos out there which actually want to dissuade players from using phone bill deposits. Search me as to why they wouldn’t want you enjoying the safety and convenience mobile bill deposits offer (though a clue might be coming up in the next section: limits), but despite offering it as an option for players, some sites still don’t want to encourage you to use it.

One of the meanest ways they try and throw you off is by making it impossible to claim certain bonuses if you deposit using your phone bill. So say there’s a 100% deposit bonus welcome package, but you make your first deposit using Boku, you may just simply not be eligible to get the bonus. If you can use another deposit option, it’s always worth doing so at these casinos, otherwise it might be better to find somewhere else to play. Here is our advice on finding casinos with mobile phone billing friendly promotions and bonuses.


You’re Limiting Yourself

mobile phone deposit limitsIf you’ve used phone bill deposits before, you will already know this, but by using that method to upload cash to your casino account, you’re actually restricting yourself to only being able to deposit relatively small amounts of money. Basically, mobile bill deposits are limited to only £10 per transaction, and £30 a day, with some networks also having an overall monthly limit.

Given that these sorts of deposits were always designed to be small, and if you’re on contract it’s effectively a ‘loan’ from your network until you pay your bill, it makes complete sense that there’s limits. Moreover, if you’re a casual mobile casino gambler, chances are you’re not going to be using more than £30 anyway, however, a limit is a limit, and there’s no point pretending that it’s not annoying.


You Can Only Deposit

While you can use mobile phone deposits to get money into your casino account in no time, one of the biggest drawbacks of the deposit method is that once you’ve deposited, you can’t use the same method to withdraw your money. It’s logical, I mean, how would phone bill withdrawals even work? Nevertheless, it’s something that makes a great deposit method slightly less attractive.

For all the song and dance we make about phone bill deposits being super convenient and secure, the fact that you have to provide bank or card details anyway if you want to make a withdrawal kind of undermines all this. If you want to be able to use the same deposit method to withdraw every time, perhaps phone bill deposits simply aren’t for you.