real vs mobile featureIt’s the question that has been asked for ages past. Well, maybe not quite that long but it is a question most players ask themselves. Is real life gambling superior to mobile gambling? It’s a complicated answer because both have their strengths and their drawbacks. And even that depends on the eye of the beholder.

So, today we’re going to give you our view in which is better by comparing the pros and cons of each form of gambling. Hopefully you can draw your own conclusion from our list or reinforce your already formed opinion based on this list. Either way, it’s your opinion and here is ours.


Real Life Gambling

Also known as B&M  (brick and mortar) gambling, we consider real life gambling to be the act of leaving your house to got to a betting operator in order to gamble. This could be anything from a bookies, to a casino, to buying a lottery ticket. The majority of gamblers, despite mobile gambling becoming popular by the day, still prefer to go out and gamble. Maybe we can deduce why.


casino socialTangibility — Perhaps the biggest argument for real life gambling is the tangibility of the whole experience. It’s the same argument people made about eBooks versus paperbacks. Humans are physical creatures, therefore we prefer the physical over the abstract or intangible (although, we love convenience more, it would seem).

Either way, nothing can beat the physical act of heading down to your local bookies to make a bet on a horse or your local casino to bet at the roulette table. It’s hard to explain, but the atmosphere cannot be beat by the convenience of a mobile phone.

It’s more social — Expanding a little on the tangibility of the physical casino, a part of that is the social element. When you go to a casino, it could a be night out with friends. Even going to the bookies, you could meet  someone you see there regularly. While you can have friends who are also mobile gamblers, it’s not the same as experiencing the same thing together in the real world. Mobile gambling could never compete with that.

Familiarity — Whenever you step inside a B&M casino, you always know what you’re going to get. With mobile gambling, you have an unknown element every time you visit a new casino. But in real life, you can expect almost all the same things in every betting shop, especially if it’s a chain like Ladbrokes or Betfred. Then again, this might get a little dull after a while.


gambling addictionInconvenient — The biggest and perhaps only drawback of real life gambling is the inconvenience of it. While it’s nice to go out and gamble at your local casino, they’re pretty well spread out. So your nearest one could be miles away. But getting there isn’t the only issue — it’s also timing.

If you want to go with friends, you’ll have to come up with a time when you can all go at once, otherwise it’s a hassle. Even if you want to go alone, you’d have to wait until your lunch hour or after you’ve finished work to do it. So yeah, that’s not so great but at least it can be used as a great way to curb your overspending.


Mobile Gambling

As we’ve mentioned already, mobile gambling is growing ever more popular among players. They are not only realising that it’s a convenient method to gamble but are seeing the technology develop along with it. In our eyes, mobile gambling involves the act of gambling via any mobile device such as a a tablet or smartphone. It may grow so popular that half of gamblers may gamble online by next year. Who knows?


Mobile SlotConvenience — The most obvious advantage of mobile gambling is the convenience. Imagine being able to access almost the exact same facilities any B&M casino offers all from a device in your pocket. The amount of convenience that mobile gambling offers is ridiculous. And the best part if, you don’t even have to go anywhere to do any of it! Or, to be more precise, you can be anywhere while doing it. That is literally how great it is.

It’s easier — Again, because of this convenience, mobile gambling is much easier to do than real life gambling. That’s why it’s such a great place for beginners to start with. It’s far easier to find the rules of how poker works online than it is in a real life casino, where you’re expected to know the rules. You could ask someone but it would be seen as a little amateurish.

Less stigma — There’s also less stigma attached to mobile gambling. This is mostly because you can hide what you’re doing. If you walk into a bookmakers alone, gamble alone then walk out alone, people are far more likely to judge you as an addict. Not that people should be judging you anyway… Point is, with mobile gambling, there’s a lot less of that awful stigma floating around.


Reliant on tech — But of course, like with real life gambling, its biggest advantage is also its biggest flaw. All that convenience and technology makes us reliant on it. Mobile gambling cannot function without a working mobile device and if that device runs out of battery or you suddenly lose your WiFi connection… Yeah, it can be pretty disastrous.

The sensible approach would be to make sure your device is sufficiently charged before taking part in any mobile gambling. You obviously wouldn’t do it when you’re phone is on 1% juice. But devices are also prone to breaking, getting lost or (worse) stolen so that could also be a disaster.



low batterySo, after having said all that, which is better: mobile gambling or real life gambling? It should come as no surprise to you that we think mobile gambling is the superior method. Its convenience and forward-thinking approach simply outshines everything that real life gambling can do.

That is, if all you want to do is win money. If you gamble socially, then real life gambling is certainly the better option for you and we do recognise that it has a lot of strengths. But it just can’t beat mobile gambling, sorry not sorry!