never ending clockIt’s an age-old question that we always ask ourselves whenever we spend a significant amount of time on something we enjoy: “How much is too much?” In the case for mobile gambling, it’s a little more straight-forward than most other hobbies. When you’ve gone bankrupt thanks to losing all your money on your favourite slot machine, then you can honestly say: “Okay, maybe I have gambled too much”.

But this scenario is unfamiliar to the average mobile gambler who would otherwise wonder if they spend too much time gambling even if they don’t lose that much money. So the question is: how much time should you dedicate to it? Or, more accurately, how much time is a respectable amount of time?

The Stigma

gambling addictionThe sad reality is that gambling is often seen in the eyes of most people as a vice. If you mention in casual conversation that you like to throw a coin or two into a slot machine, it might raise an eyebrow  but more often than not people won’t really care. If, on the other hand, you say you gamble on a regular basis, some people may take that as a sign you have need help — fast! This is, of course, unfounded and often the product of people’s ignorance spread by anti-gamblers.

But this is why it’s so hard to judge if you’re spending too much time mobile gambling. It’s not like you can ask people how much time they spend gambling because the answer is always different and whatever you say always sounds like too much because of the stigma around it.

Mobile Technology

mobile slotsWhat also muddies the waters a bit is the fact that you can gamble on the go. Gone are the days where you always had to walk into a casino or a bookkeepers to bet some money. Now you can do it online. Most people tend to favour this as there’s less stigma attached to mobile gambling than brick-and-mortar gambling.

However, that does have the side-effect of players returning to it a various points throughout the day. This, obviously, makes it difficult to judge exactly how much time you do spend on mobile gambling. A few minutes here and there throughout any given day would naturally be hard to keep a count of.

A Respectable Amount of Time

time limitHonestly, though, we cannot say exactly how much time spent gambling is too much time spent gambling. We’re all adults here — we can dedicate our time to whatever we damn well please! This goes for people who spend an hour a week gambling as well as those who do it an hour everyday. Who are we to judge?

There is, however, a point where it begins to take over your life. Remember in the old days when you went into a casino and saw that one person who doesn’t seem to move from their seat, putting in coin after coin as they continue to watch the slot reels spin? That’s what we’re talking about. If you spend more time gambling than talking to people then perhaps you need to find another hobby.

If you want a more concrete time you should spend on mobile gambling then an hour a day is respectable enough. Any more than that might be considered excessive but if you have the time and the money for it, why the hell not?