Extra SpinsExtra spins bonuses – they’re the most ubiquitous of all online and mobile casino promotions, and are given out to pretty much every player on an almost daily basis. They’re so common, that most people don’t give it an extra thought when they’re presented with extra spins.

However, it can really be worth your while slowing down and trying to find the best possible deal for you as a player, to make your extra spins as valuable to your gaming as possible.


Source Decent Extra Spins Deals

The very first step towards making extra spins work for you, is to make sure you’ve found the best possible extra spins bonus you can possibly claim. Now, before you just go thinking that it’s the number of extra spins that’s important (though, obviously, it really is), take a minute to consider the fact that you’ll want to be playing those extra spins on games with a decent chance of winning, at casinos with low wagering requirements on its bonuses.

Do your research, and keep abreast of all the current extra spins bonuses at your disposal. Once you’ve identified bonuses you think might be worth claiming, check the fine print of the promotions to ensure you’re not going to get ripped off further down the line.


Play On Games With High RTP

low rtp slotsSo this point might be where you hit kind of a snag. There’s a reason why casinos don’t let you play games like blackjack when you’re trying to work through your wagering requirements, and that’s because that game has a spectacularly high return to player rate, making it likely you’ll keep most of the bonus. Unfortunately the same is true for extra spins bonuses.

When a casino offers a extra spins bonus, chances are it’ll let you play them on only a specific hand-picked selection of games – usually with average or low return to player rates. If you only have the choice of one game, you’re pretty much shit out of luck in terms of options, however, if you have the choice between two or more, always pick the one with the highest RTP.


Pick Your Variance Depending On Your Number Of Extra Spins

Jmobile-slot-varianceust like return to player rate, the variance of a slot will decide how much money you end up with after playing for a while. Low variance slots tend to offer lots of small value wins, while high variance slots offer fewer wins, but of higher value.

This is why it’s important to choose your slot depending on how many extra spins you have. If you only have something like 5-10, it’s best off for you to play on a lower variance slot, and just squirrel away those smaller wins.

However, if you’ve got 20+ extra spins, it might be a pretty smart idea to gamble on a higher variance slot, and try and land a couple of big prizes. This, like everything we’re telling you in this guide, is in no way guaranteed, but can be used as a pretty decent guide when playing.


Be Realistic and Accept the Random

Mobile slots are random – that’s the whole point. The outcome of any given spin is governed by random number generators which guarantee total fairness in the games. What does this mean for extra spins bonuses?

Well, quite simply, that you can never really tell how valuable they’re going to be. Despite your best efforts to optimise your chances of winning, there’s really no telling how much you’re going to win, and accepting this uncertainty is an important step to playing.

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