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Category: Extra Spins

At one point or another, the majority of mobile casinos will offer players extra spins, but just like any bonus or promotion, the key to taking advantage of these supposedly generous offers is to pick them at the right time, at the right casino and make them work in your favour.
Savvy players will find out all the terms and conditions about any given extra spins offer, as well as understanding how they function generally, in order to avoid getting taken advantage of. Luckily, we’re here to make sure you’re provided with all the help you need to find profitable extra spins promotions at mobile casinos you’ll love playing at!

What Are Extra Spins

In the simplest terms, extra spins allow you to play a round on a mobile slot, without having to wager any of your own money. Plus, sometimes you can even keep the money you win (though this is often subject to wagering requirements). Extra spins are a feature of slot games anyway – often acting as a bonus game, or reward for hitting certain symbols. However, mobile casinos will also offer them as a promotional incentive for you to sign up or play certain games.

You can think of them as risk free attempts at winning some cash, and although there are often limits to what you can win, lots of casinos will let you win pretty big jackpots without having to put a penny down. Extra spins can prove to be some of the most advantageous and lucrative bonuses you can claim.

Picking Extra Spins Mobile Casinos

The vast majority of casinos offer bonuses and promotions – it’s how they differentiate themselves from their competition, encourage new players to sign up and get existing players to keep on betting. This said, not every casino promotions are worth your attention, while some are designed to genuinely improve your playing experience, others present you with so many hurdles – such as deposit and wagering requirements – they’re hardly worth bothering with.

That’s why the team at MobileSlots4U cherry picks every extra spins offer we feature. If we’re promoting a extra spin bonus, you can rest assured that it’s an honest promotion, at an enjoyable casino and you stand to come out better off by playing. We’ll help you be discerning and find the promotions you can truly gain from.