Man In Sign Halting StopSearching for an top mobile casino can often seem like a daunting task. With so many sites around, all promising you the world, it’s hard to know where to start. It’s lucky, then, that site’s like this one are around to point you in the right direction. However, throw the need to find a casino that accepts pay by phone bill deposits into the mix, and your options get massively reduced.

Players who deposit via phone bill can often feel a little short changed. Whilst there are fantastic casinos around that do accept mobile deposits, they’re still in the minority, and therefore players who deposit in this way have a limited number of sites they can play at.

This means that all the things that are usually high priority when searching for a casino, such as sign up bonuses and games collections, have to come second. However, this makes it even more important to make sure you’re playing at a casino of quality. Today we’re talking about red-flags players can look out for, which will tell them if they’re thinking about playing at a less than savoury site.


Unreasonable Minimum Deposits

boku-depositing-limits-dailyOne of the biggest reasons that players choose to deposit via phone bill is so they can keep an eye on their budgets: services like Boku allow you to deposit small amounts, as well as restricting you to only spending £30 per day. This allows players to be more in control of what they’re spending.

However, this advantage is thwarted when casino’s impose high minimum deposits. All casinos will impose a minimum deposit limit of some kind, and this is so they don’t need to process hundreds of tiny payments constantly. This is understandable and we’d probably all agree that a £5 or £10 limit is reasonable. That being said, there are some casinos around that will impose high limits, in order to get players to deposit more money.

This is a money making scheme and it can make players feel uncomfortable with the amount they’re having to spend at one time. Moreover, it’s very irresponsible of the casino, as players may then be tempted to spend more than their daily budget can afford, simply because there’s already money in their account. A good casino should understand that players come from all different backgrounds and with all different bankrolls, and therefore will only impost a low minimum depositing limit.


Transaction Fees

Watch Out for Hidden Fees SignNo decent casino will ever charge you transaction fees, no matter which way you deposit. You’re depositing you’re hard earned cash into their casino, after all, so they shouldn’t be trying to charge you for the privilege! Furthermore, phone bill depositors should never have to pay out to use the service, as it’s simply a charge on your monthly phone bill, so there’s not even any fees to be incurred for the casino.

Transaction fees are a red flag because they show that the casino doesn’t value you. Casino’s are constantly making tonnes of money, and so if they’re trying to charge you any extra, it’s a sign that they won’t be very forthcoming with bonuses and rewards either.

We know it sounds obvious, but do make sure you always you always read the terms and conditions before you sign up to any site. It’s easy to simply say you agree without taking a look, we’ve all done it, but this is where you’ll find any hidden charges and transaction fees. In addition, if a site is imposing transaction charges, do you even want to play there anyway? It means you’ll be short of a spin or two!


Slow Withdrawals

time limitOne of the main disadvantages of depositing via phone bill is the fact that you cannot withdraw using the same method. This is a major drawback, however it makes sense as the cash would have to be given to you via your phone bill account. Many mobile depositors overlook this problem, however, as they realise the benefits of services like Boku far outweigh the inconvenience of having to find a new payment method for withdrawals.

Savvy phone billing users also know that any casino worth it’s salt will offer an efficient and secure alternative withdrawal method. In fact, a decent casino should offer all mobile depositing players the exact same options as all their other players, for example the ability to withdraw via credit/debit card or via an e-wallet service. It’s common, however, for the casino to ask you for ID in these circumstances. This is to protect themselves against money laundering schemes, and should be a quick process.

That being said, there are some casinos around that will make you jump through hoops before you even catch a glimpse of your winnings. In general a withdrawal should take up to seven days to be in your account, even with the added faff of registering an alternative payment method. Any longer, and this may be a sign that the casino is not to be trusted. Plus, even if they are trustworthy, who wants to wait for ages to see their money?!