withdraw money atmWhen at a mobile casino, it’s always tempting to let the amount you have in your account build up and up until you have enough to pay for a Ferrari. This is especially true when you first sign up and go on your first winning streak. It’s so tempting to just keep on playing, believing your luck will last forever. But luck doesn’t last forever and some people end up waiting a long time before they finally take their money out. So how long should you wait until you make a withdrawal that’s worth taking out?


Saving Up Enough

piggybank-moneyWe understand the mentality that goes behind not wanting to withdraw too quickly. The idea that you could have some spare cash lying around can come in handy when you have a hefty bill to pay off or a holiday you want to go on. Imagine being low on funds one month then remembering that you have at least £200 you can withdraw completely at your disposal and safe with your mobile casino.

The only trouble with this is that, in all probability, it takes quite some time to save up to £200 at a mobile casino — and that’s if you play regularly! If you’re an on-and-off mobile player, it can take even longer. That’s not even taking into account the fact that you could lose it all in a single night if you’re unlucky enough.


Years At A Time

time limitA quick research online reveals that players tend not to withdraw until more than two months after they join up. And that isn’t even the longest amount of time! Some of the players literally wait for years, not even bothering to cash out in hopes of getting a large sum of money. When they discover that playing at a mobile casino isn’t like opening up a savings account, they quickly abandon the idea and didn’t return to mobile gambling until two or three years after the fact.

Basically, if you’re looking at mobile gambling as a get-rich-quick scheme, you’re approaching it the wrong way. In order to get the most out of it, players must know when enough is enough and cash out when gambling stops being fun. It takes discipline, but if you blow all the money in your account straight away, you’ll just end up getting frustrated and end up quitting or, worse, becoming addicted.


So When Should I Withdraw?

Figure Question Mark in RedThat really depends how much time you spend at a mobile casino. If you gamble more than twice a week then we advise that you withdraw your funds at least half your funds once every month so that whatever winnings you have made, you won’t lose it all in the future.

If it’s everyday you gamble then definitely withdraw your funds at least once a week. But, honestly, if you’re a casual gambler who gambles less than twice a month then it’s probably okay to withdraw once or twice a year. It really depends how much you put in there.