Beginner Start Learning Riding BicycleSo you’ve decided to try online gambling. Maybe it’s because you love gambling and you want to do it while travelling or waiting in a queue. Maybe you’ve never gambled before and decided to get straight to it. And since you’re a beginner, you may not know where to even start.

There are so many possibilities and so many online casinos out there, and choosing the right one is crucial. It makes all the difference between finding a new hobby and dropping it altogether after the first try. No need to be scared, though! We all started at a point where we didn’t know much, just like you now. Luckily, we're here to guide you and here are the four top tips to help you decide which online casino to choose.


1. Trust The Community

When it comes to trust and credibility, it’s always wise to check other players’ opinions of an online casino. Would they recommend it to others or not? Stay away from the casinos that aren’t licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Check how long they’ve been running and whether they display their contact details to confirm legitimacy.

You can also trust the experts and the specialists of the industry and check the top choices or look for reviews of online casinos you’re interested in. As you will soon find out, no two casinos are the alike. So, knowing what you want from one is the key when choosing where to start. Here are some things that you should consider.


2. All Online And Mobile Casinos Use Bait

Bait Hook Dollar BillThe majority of online casinos offer various promotions, bonuses and rewards. That’s wonderful, of course. However, you shouldn’t be persuaded so easily as not all promotions are worth it. It’s important to understand that gambling operators offer such promotions to attract new paying players. It’s not because casinos are feeling particularly generous towards you that you get 100 extra spins or £100 in free bonus money.

Make sure you understand the requirements that you need to fulfill in order to get the bonus. Sometimes you have to play a certain period of time before you can claim it. Other times, a wagering requirement must be fulfilled before you can withdraw your bonus money. Is it really worth it to spend £200 only to get an additional £5? This depends on many things, of course, e.g. how much you’re ready to pay in the first place, how often and how long you’re planning to play and so on.

Furthermore, sometimes bonuses can be restricted to a single type of game or even specific slots. Make sure you don‘t chase after a bonus that you won‘t be able to use the way you want to. Luckily for you, the best bonuses are usually the sign-up or welcome bonuses. You get these only at the beginning. However, this way you can try out multiple casinos without losing as much of your own hard-earned cash.


3. Play Smart: Depositing And Withdrawing Options

So, you’ve found a casino that has a good reputation and offers promotions that are suitable to your gambling habits. What’s next? Make sure it is convenient to deposit your money and, if you’re lucky, withdraw your winnings. Different casinos accept different payment methods and you should stick with the casinos that accept popular debit and credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa.

Every respectful online casino should make it possible to deposit and withdraw online or by phone. So, make sure your chosen casino allows using your preferred online payment operators, for example PayPal. And if you aren’t sure, contact the customer support. Some scam casinos might provide misleading information, so be a smart beginner and approach each site carefully.

Oh and there's one more thing, as simply checking the accepted payment and withdrawal methods isn’t enough. Before making your first deposit, find out what the limits are. We mean, what are the minimum and maximum amounts you can deposit and withdraw? Are there any fees for completing money transfers and if so, are you comfortable with them? As always, this will depend on your spending and gambling habits. If you think you’re going to bank often, look for an online casino that offers a lower service fee or none at all.


4. Games!

guts-casino-other-gamesAside from the rules that aren’t so apparent for a beginner, actual playing experience matters the most. Don’t just go for the first online casino you find without checking what it has to offer. You’re gambling to have fun, so you should decide what types of games you’d like to play. It would be very disappointing to choose a popular online casino only to find out later that its games aren’t your thing at all.

As a beginner, you may consider sticking with low variance games that offer a large payback percentage. It is easier to control your finances and extend your gameplay at games like that. You can always try to take larger risks when you've learned the ropes. So, choose from casinos that offer a variety of games and enjoy your gambling experience!