Millennials Using Mobile PhonesIt’s no secret that gambling has existed in one form or another since the dawn of mankind. It’s as part of human nature as it is to eat or drink or seek out a significant other. Some people choose to do it while others choose not to. But in every culture across the globe it has existed – whether that society condemns gambling or not. It’s also no secret that mobile gambling has risen to take prominence over the past few years. None have taken to this more than the Millennial Generation – those born at the tail-end of the 20th Century and have reached adulthood by the early 2000s. But what separates the current generation from previous ones? What kind of gamblers are young adults today?


What Defines The Millennial Generation

Aside from turning into adults on the cusp of the millennium, Millennials (or Generation Y, or the “Selfie Generation”) tend to define themselves on the following things:mobile-slots

  • Having become instinctive in their use of today’s technology
  • Showing more cultural awareness, particularly in culinary dishes
  • Being more socially conscious and responsible
  • Having a fondness for vintage clothes and hairstyles
  • Feeling burdened by previous generations’ past mistakes and having to deal with the consequences (i.e.: climate change and racism)

A few of the above points tend to make people view Millennials unfavourably (Generation X loves to harp on about how they’re addicted to technology), but there are good and bad points about every generation of human beings. We’re not perfect. That’s just the way we are.

To clarify, we’re not saying every Millennial defines themselves by the above bullet points – we’re just saying this is how society views them. But when we look at the technology aspect of their lives, it’s probably the most accurate, especially when it comes to mobile gambling.


The Growth Of The Digital Age

mobile slots 4u mobile slot guideWith the rise of the internet, social media and the general ease of access to technology that our forefathers wouldn’t have even dreamed of, mobile gambling has made the process of making a bet more socially acceptable than it has ever been. Never again must you live with the stigma of walking into a betting shop to make a bet. All of it can be done from your handheld device!

It’s this remoteness and this detachment from the physical that makes the Millennial gambler different from previous generations. It began with the Baby Boomers (Generation X) and the advent of a non-physical money transaction. This advent has widely become known as “the credit card”. It marked the beginning of a payment process which would allow players to unconsciously delay the consequences payments until the end of the month.

Millennials have taken this a step further – not only can you make transactions from your mobile phone, but you don’t even have to set foot inside a casino to play at a roulette table. You don’t even need to set foot outside your house! If Baby Boomers were the first procrastinating gamblers, then Millennials are the first truly remote gamblers.


The Future Of Mobile Gambling In Their Hands

It’s hard to say what gamblers of the next generation (Generation Z) would be like until they have reached adulthood. Anyone born after the beginning of the 21st Century may take the non-physical aspect of mobile gambling even further and place all their bets in a completely virtual casino. The way VR is taking shape it looks like that will be the case.

But what else could happen? Perhaps new ways of betting can be developed, new games that we never even thought about before. With the ever-growing development of technology, anything is possible. Only time will tell and the Millennial generation should live long enough to see the outcome.