Too Much Choice ArrowsIf you’re new to mobile gambling, it’s more than likely that (if you have signed up to a mobile casino), you’re going to stick to that casino for a while. What we mean is that it might be a month or two before you decide it’s worth investing in a membership with a second, or even a third casino. There are many reasons why this is a good idea. After all, just sticking to one casino if you gamble online more than twice a week can quickly become dull.

It’s always best to have a bit of variety in your gambling experience otherwise things just become homogenised. But how many casinos is too many casinos? While there’s no limit to how many mobile casinos you can be a member of, should you stop after a certain number? Which number is the most socially acceptable? Well, that’s the topic of today’s blog as we discuss if having more than three casino memberships is a good or bad idea!


Spicing Things Up

Touch Lucky Casino Games Mobile iPhoneSo, like we said, it’s always nice to have a bit of variety and to keep your options open. The sad thing is about the online gambling industry is that there’s little room for innovation. Players go to a site and have certain expectations which any mobile casino has to follow so as not to detract potential customers.

At the same time, mobile casinos need to be different enough so that they stick out from the crowd and give players something new. This can be as small as a game being exclusive to that particular casino or as big as an entire cross-promotional campaign. So, the fact that you sign up to several casinos, which offer different terms and conditions, and which even let you be more flexible with deposits, makes sense.

On the downside to that is that all these difference may not be immediately obvious. For example, you have a bonus which you want to claim but it’s offering the same amount of money as a bonus being offered on the site you’re currently gambling with. If you read the terms and conditions carefully, you might find that the bonuses are indeed very different and in much subtler ways than you might think. That’s why (and we say this a lot) it’s always best to read the terms and conditions of any given promotion. It helps your gambling experience at any given mobile casino more worthwhile.


Financially Doable?

win money at mfortune or ladylucksOf course, switching to more than one casino may not necessarily be a bad thing at first. But the next couple of times, you have to be careful. If you sign up to, say, three different mobile casinos at once, then don’t forget that you will need to deposit for all those casinos too. This is why when (unless you’re very rich) you don’t hear anybody saying that they are members of more than four mobile casinos.

Adding one mobile casino onto the other can, it could be argued, be a quicker path to addiction and problem gambling. It’s simply not viable to go overboard because you will run out of money so quickly. And yet it is so easy to do. A tenner here, and a tenner there and suddenly you discover you’ve got no money for rent.

At the same time, nobody said you have to deposit straight away. You can open a mobile casino account and wait while if necessary to deposit your first funds. You just have to keep a track of all the casinos you sign up to. This way, you can be a member of five, ten, even twenty casinos at once and not have to run out of money so quickly. Be careful, though, as some mobile casinos shut down accounts that have been unused for a year or more. So, if you do sign up, make sure you use that mobile casino account, otherwise, you could find it deleted.



Figure Question Mark in RedLet’s get back to our own question: how many mobile casino memberships are too many? That depends on how much money you’re willing to use gambling online and if you’re willing to be organised enough to keep a track of all those accounts.

But if you want a specific number, we’d say having more than four or five is probably seen as a little excessive. You don’t need that much variety. But, hey, it’s your gambling experience. You go about it how you wish!