time savingWe’ve all heard about how great mobile deposits are. In fact, we’ve harped on about it often enough here at MobileSlots4U for a while. And why wouldn’t we? It’s a great, convenient method of depositing which, in the long run, can save you money and time. This is especially true when it comes to mobile gamblers, who are often out and about and tend to gamble via their mobile device.

And if you were to ask them about how much time you save with mobile deposits, they’d all tell you the exact same thing — lots. Today, we have compiled a list of five ways in which mobile deposits can save you time. After all, our time on this earth is precious. We don’t want to waste it fiddling around with different deposit methods that you’re trying to make a match with!


1. You Can Deposit Via SMS

pay by smsThe most important and defining feature of mobile deposits (obviously) is the fact that you can deposit via your mobile phone. That means all it takes is a couple of SMS text messages for the deposit to go through which could be a matter of seconds.

With other depositing methods it may take much longer due to varying factors and one of those factors could be the bank transference is taking a while to process. This could be the case no matter if you use an e-wallet service or a wire bank transfer. No matter which one you use, sending a text is hell of a lot quicker and will get you gambling much quicker too.


2. You Don’t Have To Sign Up To An E-Wallet

Frankly, signing up to an e-wallet service can be time-consuming in of itself, even if you only ever have to do it once. Not only do you have to fill out all your bank details, home addresses and security questions, you need a username and password in order to use the transaction service whenever you use it on any other site.

With mobile deposits, you don’t even need to do that. In fact, you don’t even need to do any of this. Simply quote the amount you want to deposit to your designated mobile depositing service and confirm it. No forms to fill out, no security questions. It saves time as well as stress.


3. All Mobile Networks Provide It

In case you didn’t know, all mobile phone networks in the UK provide mobile deposits. They impose limits on them, yes, but all of them do it. So it doesn’t matter if you’re on Vodafone, O2, EE, or even Tesco Mobile, you can make a mobile deposit from any of them.

Admittedly, this is more convenient than outright time-saving, but it certainly saves you time in the long-run. That’s purely because you don’t have to switch to another network or feel forced to sign up to another depositing service. There is a £30 daily limit imposed on all mobile deposits, but we don’t think that this is an issue as few people spend that much daily anyway.


4. Does Not Require Internet Connection

use a credit card to deposit moneyOne of the most frustrating and time-consuming things in this modern day world is when you struggle to find a decent internet connection. Most other financial services like PayPal or Neteller do require a solid WiFi signal in order to work properly.

On the other hand, mobile deposits only requires a strong mobile signal to work and that is far easier to acquire than a WiFi password so we’d say this is ultimately more convenient and less time-consuming. Even if your signal is weak, it’s far easier to send a text than to access an online app so mobile deposits win the day with this one.


5. No Credit Card is Required

And finally, no credit card or debit card is required for mobile deposits whatsoever. That’s the best thing about it. You can literally take the money out of your pay-as-you-go balance or add it to your monthly bill. This doesn’t even require you to have a bank account, technically speaking. And if you’ve lost your bank card and want to make a deposit in a hurry, mobile deposits is definitely the method for you. A lot of time will be saved.