mobile-phone-payment-guideOnce upon a time, players had to make their way to a pub or casino in order to enjoy a couple of spins on a slot machine. Then came Internet gaming. Anyone with a computer and Internet connection at home can now play at online and mobile casinos. Mobile phones can support superb quality graphics, game designers have delivered the same amount of fun on big screens and small screens alike, payment systems have also reduced the payment processes down to a few clicks. In fact, there are exactly three steps involved in paying via your phone and you’ll be on your way to playing pay by phone slots!


What’s The Quickest Way To Pay?

No more 16-digit credit card numbers and long passwords! Don’t bother creating a mobile wallet account and adding your credit card details. The tech gods have created the most convenient and safe way to pay — with your phone bill. Money is either deducted from your phone credit if you’re a Pay As You Go user or added to your monthly phone bill. We’ve written this little guide for anyone who hasn’t tried it before.There are just three easy steps to pay and you’ll be done within two minutes. Go on and time yourself!


Step 1: Click “Pay by phone bill”

This button is found at the casino’s cashier or wherever your casino accepts deposits. Don’t forget to choose how much money you’d like to add to mobile casino account. The usual options are £1, £5, £10 and £30.

However, please note that not all mobile casinos provide this option. Be sure to check out our list of casinos that accept mobile deposits.


Step 2: Enter your mobile number

It’s a lot easier than pulling out your wallet, fishing for your credit card and typing in 16-digits that you can never seem to memorize.



Step 3: Reply via SMS

The casino will immediately send you a text message, asking you to confirm the payment. It usually goes along the lines of “Do you want to authorize payment? Reply Y to confirm.” Just follow the instructions and send a quick “Y”.

The system quickly processes your payment and within seconds, your money is added to your casino account. Now, you can start playing your game! You’ll also receive a receipt via SMS in the next few minutes, confirming how much you’ve paid and the name of the merchant. It couldn’t be simpler.


Wait, Are Mobile Deposits Safe?

Simplicity is one thing. Safety is another huge concern that weighs on everyone’s minds, especially those that have not paid by phone before. It’s an understandable concern too – who would want to exchange money with a mobile casino unless it’s a trusted system. The short answer is yes, it’s 100% safe. The security protocols applied by mobile payment providers match that of Visa, Mastercard and other well-established systems.

The entire payment ecosystem is also heavily regulated by special organizations (like Payforit and Ofcom) as well as the mobile network operators (like Three, O2 and EE). All transactions are audited; there are also laws and processes in place to monitor the businesses that accept mobile deposits.

In my opinion, it’s safer to hand over your mobile number to an unfamiliar casino than it is to hand over my credit card or bank account details. With all the regulations in place, you’ll be assured that your phone number will not be passed around for suspicious marketing SMSes; if you are a victim of those, someone else is responsible.


Here Are Few More Quick Tips To Making Mobile Deposits:

  • Pay by Phone Icon GreenTop up before you play! If there isn’t enough credit on your Pay As You Go SIM card, the transaction will fail.
  • Keep track of your transactions. Since it is so easy to pay, it is just as easy to bust your monthly mobile budget. There are few options to keep track: check your SMS receipts after each transaction or check your monthly phone bill.
  • Don’t forget to take advantage of the welcome bonuses and offers. For example, most casinos will match your first deposit so you’ll have twice the amount to play with! However, some casinos require you to deposit a minimum of £10 or do not offer these bonuses to mobile depositors.
  • Don’t let someone else use your phone! All it takes is a response via SMS (no passcodes or security codes), so make sure your phone is always in the right hands.
  • If you want to withdraw, be sure to choose another payment method. The casino can’t deliver money back into your phone bill. Instead, they’ll write a cheque or ask for your bank account details.
  • We cannot recommend this payment method enough. Why spend time faffing about at the cashier when you be playing instead? For more tips and tricks, be sure to read our mobile deposits blog.