Boku Mobile is the most widely available premium SMS pay by phone service in the world. Users can make payments using their mobile phone bill on a wide array of platforms and services which includes Facebook, Spotify and most notably, at your favourite mobile casino. Boku has a lot going on, so we’ve compiled together all the most important parts of the service for our quick video, which explains everything that you need to know about Boku Mobile. Give it a watch and then head over to great mobile casinos like GoWin, in order to start depositing with this excellent mobile depositing method today.



You can watch our entire library of videos and depositing guides by heading over to the official MS4U Youtube channel.  Boku Mobile is a terrific premium SMS depositing service and is available at many of the best mobile casinos around. You can go and deposit at one of them by clicking the purple button below, or continue reading for a written version of what makes Boku Mobile so great to use.

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Everything You Need To Know About Boku Mobile

The key selling point of Boku is that it allows you to make payments using your mobile phone credit as if it was your wallet. If you’re a Pay as You Go user, then the payments you make come straight out of your available credit. Meanwhile, if you’re a contract user who pays at the end of the month, then any costs will appear on yourmonthly bill. Any charges you make will appear as if you had just made a phone call for the same price, meaning all the payments you make are private, even on your statement.

Whenever you see the option to pay using Boku, you simply need your phone handy to confirm the payment. You can use Boku at a range of online stores, which can include online casinos, but also includes big names like Spotify, Facebook, Realplayer and even online stores like the Playstation Network. At the moment, mobile phone payment services like Boku are only available for digital goods, so you can’t use it to buy physical goods online or on the high street, although changes to this are in the works.

When you get to any online checkout with Boku, all you need to complete the payment is your mobile phone number. You enter this into the Boku checkout and then you’ll receive an SMS text from Boku. You then simply have to respond to this SMS with the letter Y, in order to authorise and complete the payment. This is why Boku is known as a premium SMS service, because the payment is confirmed via SMS. You can use Boku on any platform you’re browsing with, whether it’s desktop, tablet or your smartphone. All you need is access to your SMS messages.




Boku offers convenient payments, because it is user friendly, due to its lack of complex login details, with just your mobile phone number required. However, the system is also incredibly safe as you need to physically respond to your SMS from your mobile phone in order to complete the payment. This means if anyone does try to use your number to make a Boku payment you will be made aware immediately by the text coming into your phone.

Unlike most other premium SMS mobile billing services, Boku also tracks where you’ve made payments on its service by remembering your mobile phone number across. That means that they can uphold a daily depositing limit of £30, so there’s no chance of you spending too much on your mobile phone bill each day.

Boku is just one of many service providers for mobile phone billing, but it is the most used service globally, and is the most widely available across sites and online marketplaces. Mobile phone billing in general is well regulated by regulators such as Payforit and Ofcom. The regulators make sure that your mobile payments are safe under legally enforced guidelines, so you’re always safe whenever you make a payment using mobile payment services like Boku.

So, whether you’re playing online games, downloading music or simply having a quick go at the casino, Boku is there to provide a secure, fast and private method of payment, allowing you to use your mobile phone as if it was your wallet. We hope this guide to everything Boku has helped you to understand how Boku works, and makes your future mobile payments a little easier to get your head around.