winning-losing-meme-charlie-sheenSometimes not everything goes our way. This is especially true at a mobile casino. Due to the nature of statistics and probability, you are going to end up on a winning streak eventually and they must be avoided at all costs!

Just think how unfair you’re being to all those other players who would kill to have a winning streak too. How dare you! Keeping all that precious luck to yourself…

No, dividing your winnings generously among your peers won’t do! The best way to watch you fail is to see you lose your winning streak then crash and burn in a spectacular fashion. Trust me, it’s the considerate thing to do. So stop being so selfish and take our tips on how to lose your winning streak at a mobile casino!


1. Choose The Highest Risk Bet

all-in-pushIt’s a truth that’s known by everyone that if you recklessly gamble all your money on the bet with the highest risk then you are guaranteed to lose everything. There’s no technical term for this so we’re going to resort to the slang term: “Sod’s Law, innit?” This is a sure-fire way for you to slaughter your winning streak and blow all that pesky money weighing down your wallet.

In a mobile casino, this method may not be the most obvious until you play games like live roulette or video poker. Just make put all your chips on a single number and watch your bank account empty quicker than Speedy Gonzales on Red Bull. It’s like jumping off the Shard without a parachute — a completely sensible idea.


2. Dramatically Change Strategy For No Reason


Ever been tempted to ignore common sense and do something completely off-the-cuff? You should totally do that! Even if doing so makes no sense to what you’re currently doing with your game and the consequences are, at best, bad and worst — disastrous. This is an even more effective way to make sure you sever your winning streak. After all, it’s for the best. Can’t get too greedy now, can you?

If you’re playing a slot, suddenly reduce your pay-lines to a minimum. If you’re playing poker, call everyone’s bluff. It’s a simple yet great way of cocking everything up. Trust me, you’ll be proud (or embarrassed) of the results. It would be a miracle if the mobile casino doesn’t kick you off out of shame.


3. Don’t Quit While You’re Ahead

fall-flat-dog-faceBasically, ensure that you fall flat on your face by plunging recklessly on with your betting, even when you no longer have the funds to support it. When you think you’ve had enough and feel the tug of “Just one more round!” Then you should ignore it because that’s addiction and that’s serious. Seriously, I’m not that sick.

But if you want to look a fool at any mobile casino, just keep on going until your luck-o-metre runs out and you’re left wallowing in your own misery. But fret not! At least you’ll be giving others a chance to win what you could have won. Thanks, buddy!