Money Falling in air Woman SmilingIf you’ve been staying on top of all of all the mobile slot reviews as to which slots to play, mobile casino reviews to know where the money’s at and have read every single new promotion article, then chances are that you already have more money than when you started. Spending cash is as hard as winning cash, so if good living simply has gotten too much and you’re out of ideas as to where to spend cash you’ve won at mobile casinos, we are coming to your aid! Here are the top ten things to do with your money. 



1. Make it rain!

You’ve worked hard for your money, why not let the world see the luck you’ve been having at mobile slots?

2. Go on, have a little bit too much too… You deserve it!

Let’s just hope that the hangover can be cured with cash too!


3. Take a break and go on vacation

And while you’re chilling at the beach slurping on that piña colada, you could play some more mobile slots. What else?


4. Or quit your job altogether if that progressive jackpot will last you a lifetime

You don’t ever have to go into work again – freedom!


5. Buy an over the top car you’ve always wanted

It could be anything you want. Tesla, Ferrari, Maserati… or that plastic red cabriolet your parents never got you for your fourth birthday!


6. Get yourself a luxury villa… Or a good-looking gal/guy

Brains are important, but not as important as the wow-factor. When you’re rich, anyway…


7. Eat anything you want

Stuff your face, gorge and binge on all your favourite foods and snacks. Who cares when you can just go for a quick lipo later?


8. Buy your crap local football team and make them great again

You might not be a Russian oligarch, but you have the same potential to create football heroes. Now, if it was even remotely possible to find a good manager these days…


9. Dance it out – you’re rich!

Dance like no one is watching! You could also make everyone watch your great moves if you wish, if you only pay them from the pot of cash you’ve won at a mobile casino…


9. Sleep in style too

Sleep is the most important part of the day – rejuvenate in style by going to bed with bundles of cash. Why not?


10. And of course, get back to playing slots!

You’ve had a lucky streak up until now, but why not try your luck and turn your jackpot into a real fortune? Take a look at out mobile casino reviews to work out the best spots to win big.