high-roller-casino-clubThe high roller’s club, or VIP programs, are the most exclusive areas of any online casino. High roller clubs aren’t available at all online casinos, but when they are, they are among the toughest sections of the casino to join, with the casino monitoring its players’ spending, to only allow access to the biggest spenders. It’s a loyalty rewards scheme that only rewards the players who put the most in.

There are plenty of different ways to enter a high roller’s club, with each online casino having its own criteria in order to judge who the high rollers are. So what are the best ways to be picked out as a high roller? How can you find out this information at each casino? And are there even any benefits of becoming a high roller? In this quick rundown, we’ll take a glimpse at a few high roller club variants to get a feel for what it takes to get your foot in the door. Feel free to check out our list of favourite VIP programs if you want to get stuck in straight away, although we recommend giving our guide a skim first.


How Different Casinos Handle High Roller Club Entry

piggybank-moneyOn the whole, casinos reward high rollers for being the biggest spenders at the casino. As with a traditional real world casino, the more you spend, the more you get back, and online casinos have attempted to recreate this tradition with similar benefits for the big spenders. High roller clubs primarily function on an ‘invitation only’ basis.

Players will simply have to play at a casino for an extended period of time and keep spending an amount that they believe to be deserving of a high roller. It’s always best to check the terms and conditions of any casino’s VIP program, in order to see if they give any information about a specific deposit and wagering requirement that’s needed to enter.

VIP conditions can be found with other promotional information, in the promotions area of the casino. Some casinos will also segregate their VIP area to its own section, but in either case, it will be simple to find. Every promotion or deal, even if it’s a VIP program, usually has T&Cs attached to it. However, to keep their high roller clubs exclusive, many casinos will not print their specific entry requirements, other than telling players that they have to spend a lot.

If you are unable to find the conditions of entry on the site, then emailing their customer service team will usually bring up the entry information, as your interest will make the casino more inclined to be forthcoming. Although the basic requirement is always to spend a lot, there are 3 kinds of VIP entry to watch out for:

  • Players will be invited to enter the VIP club by the casino based on their tracked spending
  • Players will have to deposit a lump sum for instant entry
  • Players will have to put in a request and a bid for how much they will deposit in the future

invitation-onlyEach VIP program may not tell you the specifics of what you have to spend, but they will always let you know the method by which you need to grab their attention. Some casinos will simply automatically trigger high roller entry once players deposit a certain amount. A majority of casinos simply track their customer spending and look for particularly high spending players, effectively putting them through a trial run to see if they’re a loyal customer with long term business.

Finally, some casinos will request that you email them and bid how much you’re willing to spend, as if auditioning for the right to join their high roller club. However a casino asks you to join, the only two things you have to remember is that you spend the right amount of money and you find out how to attract your casino’s attention and therefore put you on their radar to offer you a place in their high roller’s club.


The Benefits Of Being A High Roller

vip-rewards-online-casinoBut once you’re in the high rollers club, what’s waiting for you on the other side? Well, a surprising amount actually. Casinos want their most loyal customers to stick around and what better way to reward exceptional loyalty, than with exceptional bonuses. Players will find a separate range of bonuses and promotions available exclusively for high rollers.

You should be able to find a list of these benefits in the T&Cs of any VIP program, which are far more easily found as the casino wants to advertise what its VIP players are in store for. Some of the most common high roller benefits include:

  • Special big money tournaments
  • Real prize giveaways such as holidays and once in a lifetime experiences
  • Personalised gifts
  • Monthly hampers and gift packages
  • Higher spending limits
  • Larger deposit matches and additional extra spin bonuses

You’re unlikely to get short changed in a VIP program as there’s nothing holding you to it. It’s in a casino’s best interest to keep the high rollers happy, so they stick around and keep spending. Having said that, not all high roller clubs are made alike, and some high roller schemes will offer better bonuses and cheaper entry fees. Sadly, this will have to be something you discover on your own, but for now at least you know where to look, what to expect and how to begin your journey to the high rollers club if you’ve got the cash to get through the door.