Mega Fortune Dreams Mobile Slot LogoOnly a mere week ago, we wrote about the jackpot of Mega Fortune Dreams approaching the €4 million mark and ready to drop. This week, the news that the slot had finally given away that jackpot to one lucky player who won over €4 million comes! The lucky winner was the second in a row to win a fortune with a NetEnt jackpot slot. One other player managed to bag almost €11 million with NetEnt’s Hall of Gods slot, but we’re here today to talk about Mega Fortune Dreams and how she managed to snatch this fantastic prize.

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About The Winner

Winner Woman Happy Hands in AirNot much else is known about the mysterious winner of Mega Fortune Dreams. Apart from winning the jackpot, all we can say is that she is 62 and from Sweden. Oh, and that she is very, very lucky! We can imagine that she’s currently hopping around with joy and laughing all the way to the bank. When she first heard the news, she claimed that there was “a lot going through my mind” which probably means that she’s still in shock. We don’t blame her!

But she’s recovered enough to say that she will use the winnings to take care of her family. What she plans to do exactly for them she kept to herself but she said that it was “time to give back” for all the years of support they gave to her. Awww! This has pleased NetEnt to no end, who claims that this was the reason they make slots like these, to change the lives of their loyal players.


How She Did It

Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot WheelThe winner played Mega Fortune Dreams at Maria Casino and was rumoured to have been playing the slot on-and-off, thinking that she probably wouldn’t win anything (like most of us do). But then, one day, she put a fairly large bet on the reel, probably still thinking that her chances of scoring a fortune were minuscule.

How wrong she was! She scored a winning combination which won her the prize of exactly €4 million. It was a an unprecedented win and, like the most of us, was only able to utter a soft “oh” when her win was announced. Let’s hope her fortune makes her happy for the years to come.


About Mega Fortune Dreams

mega fortune dreams jackpotPerhaps one of the most famous jackpot slots on the market, Mega Fortune Dreams is the younger sibling of the prior jackpot slot, Mega Fortune. It has not made as many millionaires out of players as its predecessor but, give it time, and we will see a steady increase in them.

With its relaxing background score and wealthy aesthetic, Mega Fortune Dreams tantalizes players with the lifestyle they could be living if only they won the jackpot. It takes place on an expensive yacht with champagne flowing across the screen. It has all the glamour and pizzazz expected from a jackpot slot that whispers promises of great fortune.

Mega Fortune Dream is a 5-reel, 20 payline mega progressive jackpot with wild symbols, extra spins, scatters and three bonus features, so becoming a millionaire isn’t as hard as you think. Play Mega Fortune Dreams at any given NetEnt casino and you could become their next millionaire!

Play Mega Fortune Dreams Slot At Unibet Casino!