Man Screaming At PhoneIt’s an all too common experience in mobile gambling: you’ve got some winnings you want to withdraw from a casino you’ve invested time and money to play at, but as you go to make your withdrawal, you discover you’re unable to complete the transaction. There are many reasons why you may be stuck without your winnings, ranging from failure to meet certain requirements, to gross negligence on the side of the casino. In this post we’ll introduce you to the things you can do to guide against withdrawal problems.


1. Check You’ve No Outstanding Wagering Requirements

No one likes to admit that they’re in the wrong, but all too often it’s actually the actions (or inactions) of players which lead to withdrawal delays and problems. By far the most common of these is the failure to meet to meet the wagering requirements you agreed to when you claimed a bonus. Wagering requirements basically ask you to wager through bonus cash a set number of times before you can withdraw, meaning that even if you’ve used most of it up, you still may not be able to withdraw it.Bonus Wagering Requirements Red Blocks

At most casinos, you should be able to track how close you are to meeting the wagering requirement before withdrawal in the banking screen or in your account. If you can’t see your remaining wagering requirements, or think you’ve already met it, it’s best to just contact the casino with your concern.


2. Check You’re Attempting A Minimum Withdrawal

This is another annoying simple issue to encounter. Depending on which casino you’re playing at and which withdrawal method you’re using, the minimum (and for that matter the maximum) amount you can withdraw at any given time will be slightly different. The standard is that across all withdrawal methods, you must have a minimum of £10 credit to withdraw, but often – especially if you’re withdrawing by cheque or bank transfer – the minimum limit can be considerably higher.

Casinos will usually tell you if this is the root cause of the problem you’re encountering with your withdrawals, but if you’re not getting information about it, it’s worth checking the banking information pages to check your limits.


3. Make Sure You’re Withdrawing Via Approved Method

Casino Deposit MethodsIt may be the case that you’re trying to make a withdrawal via a different method than you deposited with, and thus are unable to do so. This one, believe it or not, comes down to the casino’s requirement to fight money laundering. To ensure criminals can’t deposit ‘dirty’ money via one way into the account, only to withdraw it ‘clean’ elsewhere, or simply to make an illicit transaction between two parties using the same casino account, casinos are only allowed to let you withdraw using the method you deposited with (with a couple of exceptions if you deposited via a method you can’t withdraw through).

If you’re trying to withdraw with a different method, then we’re afraid it’s you who’s going to have to fix it.


4. Contact The Casino To Report Issue

Once you’ve checked that you can’t overcome the problem yourself, the next step is to contact the casino you’re playing at to report the issue. You should be able to find the contact information for any given casino on their website, and we’d recommend try either a live messaging or telephone contact method, as these tend to get the fastest results.

The vast majority of legally operating casinos value your custom, and will come back to you quickly to help sort out whatever issue you’re suffering. If you don’t hear back, or they continue to not process your withdrawal, you have one last option…


5. Contact Casino Watchdog/Licensing Body

UK Gambling Commission LogoIf all else fails, don’t worry, there’s always someone in your corner, in the form of the gambling watchdog and/or licensing body whose jurisdiction your chosen casino falls. Now, assuming you’re playing at a legal casino (which you always should, you’re most likely going to get ripped off if you’re not), then in the UK, your champion will come in the form of the UK Gambling Commission. As a licensing body, the UKGC has it in its power to create sanctions against casinos in order to demand they pay you, or even revoke their gambling license if the problem is widespread or serious enough.

Make sure you’ve given the casino the chance to fix the issue by itself before elevating it up to the UKGC or other bodies, but always remember that these organisations exist to protect you, and should always be seen as an ally.