Caution Conspiracy Theory Ahead SignIt may sound conspiracy theory-esque, but do you ever feel like the bonus rounds in slots are triggered more frequently when you have a bonus to spend? It seems to be a common suspicion with casino players; they claim a bonus and then suddenly, with wagering requirements to clear, they keep collecting scatters, activating bonus rounds, gaining extra spins and more. However, with the amount of regulating and independent testing that’s required for every game, it does seem near impossible that this could be the case. Today we’re looking at the likelihood of this theory being true, and what factors could be impacting gameplay with a bonus.


How Slots Are Regulated

To debunk this theory, we must first look into how slots are tested for fairness and regulated. First of all, all slots are driven by a Random Number Generator (RNG). This is a computer algorithm that ensures your fate is fairly determined, and that every player is given the same opportunity to win as another. The RNGs produce a different number every time you click ‘spin’ and how this number relates to the algorithm is what you see appear on the screens. RNGs mean that a lot does not know anything about you, your circumstances or your history on the slot.

Whilst we fully understand that when a losing streak kicks in it’s easy to start thinking the slot has a brain of it’s own, the RNG makes this impossible. The RNG also stops the game from discriminating against those who’ve already won big; in online slots there’s no reason why you cannot claim a big win more than once on the same slot, in the same session. Ultimately, the results of your spins are determined by mathematical equations not by any individual, which means that it cannot be the case that the slot knows you’re playing with a bonus.

Of course, however, slots are not simply the product of a computerized mathematical system. They’ve been designed and created by software developers, and so the conspiracy theorists amongst us may argue that it’s here where the bias begins. However, for a game to come to market, the software developers must also have their games licensed by independent regulatory authorities.

These authorities make sure that the players’ interests are served by the slot, and that all games are fair and equal. This means that even though a slots developers could, in principle, create games where their RNGs were ‘rigged’, the game would never be released to the public.


The Software And The Bonus Aren’t Connected

Free Bonus SignMost of the time, an online casino will buy in it’s games roster from outside developers, which means the casino itself has no say over how the game plays out. For instance, if you visit a casino that advertises NetEnt slots, these games have been designed externally by the software brand. This is why a games’ RTP remains stable across all casino sites, as it’s not something that the casino can change. Similarly, this also means that the game has no idea that you’ve taken out a bonus, and it wouldn’t even benefit the software developer to help you spend it.

Furthermore, like software developers, all casinos must be licensed by a recognized regulatory body. This is to make sure the site meets security and safety standards, advocates for responsible gaming, offers reliable customer service and operates within the rules of fair play.


Do You Play Braver With A Bonus?

risk assessmentAs you can see, the theory that you can trigger more bonus rounds when playing with a casino bonus is simply impossible due to the licensing and regulation of all slot games. How, then, can we explain this phenomenon? Could it be that we’re more inclined to make riskier bets when we play with bonus cash?

Earlier this year a woman walked away from Royal Panda casino with over £64k in her pocket, all won from a free casino bonus. Her plan was simple, if it’s a free bet then why not go big and see if it’ll pay off. She wagered £30 on a single spin and hit the bonus round, propelling her to her five-figure winning amount.

This player would be the first to admit that she definitely played braver due to having a casino bonus. £30 for a single spin seems a lot for any casual gamer, but with bonus cash it’s much easier to justify the risk. This means that whilst a correlation between having bonus cash and triggering bonus rounds cannot be proven, it could be that we simply make bolder decisions when the money isn’t coming out of our hard-earned savings.