slots-tournaments-machinesSlot tournaments — they’re something mobile casinos like to dish out every now and then to make things interesting. It’s a clever marketing ploy that draws in new players and creates a friendly competition among its existing ones. They offer up great cash prizes, too! But are they just a quick bait to further the company’s promotion scheme or are they genuinely worth your time competing in? Here at MS4U, we’ll analyse the pros and cons of such tournaments so that you can decide for yourself if they are worth your while.



Great PrizesBag of Money Icon

One of the biggest pulls for players to join a slot tournament online is the prospect of the prize they could win. The prize is often determined by the amount of the buy-ins the casino receives from players. So, say that 100 players enter a tournament with £50. That would make the total prize pool up to £5,000! So first place winner will mostly like get £3,000, second £1,000, third £500 and the subsequent ten runner-ups £50. Play wisely and you could end up with a windfall.

Discover New Games

One of the biggest reasons why mobile casinos throw slot tournaments in the first place is because they have a new game under their belt and are trying to promote it. In fact, that’s also why they make promotions in the first place. So you could end up discovering a new favourite if your mobile casino decides to run a tournament. If not, then you could discover new games all by yourself.

More Involvement

These tournaments tend to involve a lot of other players you happen to share the casino with. If many of them decide to join the tournament, this can create a sense of community and comradery among them that may not have existed until that point. Of course, you’ll probably spend more time competing with each other than actually talking about your favourite slots, but it’s all in the spirit of friendly competition that makes it worth while.




Easily the biggest con of most slot tournaments are the buy-ins. Some tournaments allow you to enter for free, but most rely on buy-ins to create their prize pools which means players would have no choice, but to cough up. This can immediately alienate players if the buy-in is too high but it can also have the backhanded effect of not being enough for the prize pool.

Bet One More Dollar MemePrize Pool

Talk about the advantage also being their biggest disadvantage! If their buy-ins are too high, a lot of players may not want to compete, making those who do miss out on a much larger prize pool than they could have got. Some casinos attempt to invite more players in with lower buy-in fees but then this could also back fire.

Imagine if 50 players were to enter one competition with a buy-in fee of £5. That would mean the total pool prize would be £250 and that hardly seems worth competing for. You can get that much just from playing a slot the rest of the time!

Ultra Competitive

Some slot tournaments can get really ugly, really quickly. You would have to be constantly clicking spin on a game until you get a strain in your wrist just so that you can get ahead of the competition. Even then there’s no guarantee of winning first prize. A lot of players feel their efforts to gain a prize were fruitless purely because so many players were just so damn competitive. This may be the word of bad loser, though, so take this with a pinch of salt.



Thumbs Up Convenient SymbolOnline slot tournaments are definitely better than real-life tournaments because there’s more of a chance of winning (trust us, though we say it’s competitive, it’s nowhere near as bad as real-life). However, the competitiveness is still there and, although it can be positive and create a sense of community, it does cause some division in said community. Also, the buy-ins can lead to a multitude of problems so it is best to go for a free tournament if you can find one.

Our final thoughts? Well, if we’re honest, we wouldn’t bother with slot tournaments if it were up to us. We could put money down and still win on a normal, non-promotional day and potentially win big so it hardly matters. If you really want to enter, though, we strongly recommend you check the tournament’s rules first, just so your endeavors aren’t fruitless.