online-slot-boredomAt Mobile Slots 4 U, it's understandable that we might happen to enjoy mobile slots and slots of any kind. However, slots, like any casino game, have a few annoyances which can stack up. Sometimes these annoyances build up enough that players will abandon slots completely and go off searching for greener casino pastures.

So I'd like to take a minute just to run through all the issues that mobile slots have and the reasons why some players outgrow them. These are the reasons why slots sometimes get a bad rap when compared to other casino games like poker or blackjack. And not only are we going to take a look at the reasons why people outgrow slots, we're going to see in what ways you can overcome these obstacles and get back to loving slots like you used to.

Boring Visuals

We'll start out simply here, there is nothing worse than an ugly slot. The saslot-reindeer readiesd fact of the matter is that there are a lot of slots at the casinos which have been rushed out to market and it shows most in their art style. Take a look at most older slots, or slots from independent studios and you'll see the same old horrible hand drawn style, which looks like the art was handled by a 4 year old.

Ugly and boring slots are no reason to stop playing however. Developers like NetEnt, Elk Studios and Quickspin have conquered the art of making their slots look, sound and feel great to play, with absolutely stellar feedback for every move you make. There's no excuse for ugly slots, so ignore them, don't fund them and go on the look out for the slot developers who actually care about what their slots look like.

High Starting Wagers

penny-slotMany players might love spending their free time on their slots hobby, but there's no denying it can be an expensive past time. With a spin going by in just a few seconds, high starting bets are one of the fastest ways to drive players away from a slot. Sometimes you have to stick with a slot for a while to get close to a win, especially if it's a high variance slot, so there's nothing more demoralising than having to sit through some initial losses where you feel like you're just throwing away a lot of money.

Players should know that if there's a type of slot you need, then it probably exists. Developers have been innovating and adjusting every aspect of slots for years now. You need to simply do a little bit of research to find what kind of slot developers focus on more expensive slots and the developers who build penny slots for those on a tighter bankroll. Companies like IGT are well known for having a minimum bet of £1 on most of their slots, but smaller slot makers like Nektan, will let you wager from just a penny a spin. You simply have to find the developer who matches your price point and stick with them.

Too Many Random Features

Random features have become the hot topic in slots as of lateslot-random-features. As slot developers have tried to mix up peoples' slot experience as much as possible, inevitably it makes sense that more random features and bonuses is a perfect way to accomplish this. After all, what's better than getting a random cash boost or big win while you least expect it.

Slot games are built on tension. Players love the feeling of what the reels are going to bring up and that unknown makes each spin absolutely thrilling. The rule should go that the more randomness and spontaneity that can turn up on each spin, the more exciting the game should be, right?

Well some players don't think so and actually find that random features don't make them excited, but simply a little bit hopeless and frustrated that their winnings are completely random. Randomness can sometimes make players feel absolutely powerless to succeed at a slot and so that feeling completely sucks out the excitement. Players should know that there are a lot of slot games which are free of random features and that you can see all the features a slot has to offer on its information screen. If you want to avoid random features, then always check the info screen of any slot before placing a bet, so you know what you're getting before you even take the first spin.

Lack Of Innovation

slot-great-graphicsInnovation is key in the slots industry and anyone who's been playing slots for even a few months will notice that every month is peppered with new releases. Most of the major slot developers have signed up to monthly release schedules and you can see from the releases of developers like NetEnt, that innovation is high on their priorities.

And there's a very good reason for that. Players get bored of playing the same old slots over and over again, and developers know that they have to continually innovate in order to keep players interested and coming back to their slots again and again. Slots are in a precarious position, since at their heart they're extremely simple. That's why even the slightest tweaks to the game are extremely important, since they make it stick among the thousands of other slots that are already available at the casinos. A simple bundle of wild bonuses and a extra spins round just doesn't cut it anymore.

Our advice is always to be aware of what the frontier of slots is. Keep checking if there are any new releases regularly and make a note of which slot developers have made your favourite slots in the past, to keep up to date with their release schedules, as they've probably got a fresh idea just around the corner.

Lack Of Control In General

This is a fundamental issue with slots that may just end up belack-of-controling an inevitable problem which a lot of players can't overcome. Slots do allow you to interact, such as when you have to make your selections during a pick and collect bonus round, or pick what amount of bet you wish to place, but there are enough automated aspects to a slot that for a lot of your playtime, you can just let it go by itself.

And some players are always going to find this frustrating. Without any skills to hone in order to play, once players have a good understanding of slots, many of them are eventually going to get bored and yearn for something to challenge them. There are things slot developers can do to mix up certain game types, but at the end of the day, if you're not happy watching the reels spin and waiting for your win to come to you, then a couple of players are going to find themselves migrating to the casino table games, like blackjack and poker.

It's best to remember that there's nothing wrong with this. Gambling is about fun and if the slots aren't your thing, then there's a host of excellent table games out there.