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Drive: Multiplier Mayhem – Intro

Another month, another new mobile slot from NetEnt has hit the casinos, and this time it’s all about the need for speed! Having heard a lot about it, we simply had to take this slot out for a drive and we present the findings in this Drive: Multiplier Mayhem mobile slot review. One thing is for certain – you’ll need to buckle your seat belt for this high variance machine, as you race your way to ever-increasing wins. Oh and the design is gorgeous too, but we expected nothing less from NetEnt.

About The Slot
The very first that will hit you about this game is the way it looks. Big city lights shimmering in the background, a super cool car ready to race, the reels that are so sleek it might as well be the trendiest slot at this moment…

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem by NetEnt takes modernity of mobile slots to another level with its graphics, but also with the interactive features and the maximum payout of 750,000 coins reveals that this slot is to be taken seriously. High variance it may be, but it will also offer hours of mobile slot fun to those, who choose their strategy right. Should you take this slot out for a spin? Read the review and find out if this is the right game for you!

A Theme That Will Polarise
We think that NetEnt are gearing this game towards a very particular niche of their entire audience – nitro junkies. So you will either hate the theme of this machine or love it. If futuristic cars, racing drivers and purring engine noises all hit the spot for you, then you’ll be over the moon playing Drive, as it’s one of the very first slots of this theme on the market.

The theme especially reminds us of the Fast and Furious franchise and we suspect that everyone who cannot live without it will fall head over heels for Drive: Multiplier Mayhem. As we already mentioned, the five reels are adorned with shiny, stainless steel letter symbols, but also special ones too. You will get to race some shady looking characters with names such as Twitch, Hamaki and Bruiser, all of which appear on the reels as well.

Meanwhile, the player of this mobile slot assumes the ego of Jette, the fearless woman racer, who is unafraid to shake up those reels and go head to head with all of the dubious men that stand in between her and the big wins. Does this storyline sound like something right up your alley? Well, then you’ll be glad to hear that there are massive prizes to be won as well.

Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

Revved Up Wins
With just 15 paylines, you might be too quick to judge and discredit this game. Yet, the return to player of 96.6% is very agreeable and you will soon be proven otherwise when the wins start coming in. Plus, the slot is high variance, which means that although you might have to sit and wait around for the really large wins to occur, the small wins should keep you going if you pick the right gaming strategy.

You can choose to bet from just 15p, but the professional gamers have a chance to go upwards to a massive £75 per bet. And when we consider that the maximum amount of 750,000 coins could be awarded when you strike the most perfect reel combination, it literally makes our heads spin!

So, if you’re not an expert slot player yet, dabble with Drive: Multiplier Mayhem very carefully. In just a few spins, you could be shirt and pant-less as this ruthless slot will gobble your bank balance right up. However, if you strike lucky, you will really get massively awarded!

Game Features: Multiplier Wilds and Turbo Extra Spins
While this isn’t exactly feature laden, Drive: Multiplier Mayhem does have some awesome features within in – the clue is in the title! There are the Wilds which are pimped out and the Extra Spins round that has another feature within it as well. Let’s take a closer look.

The Multiplier Mayhem Part Of Drive
You will notice that the Wilds are also Multiplier Symbols that can appear on any reel of the game. What’s great is that they will not just substitute for any other symbol (except Scatter and Nitro), but also provide you with a multiplier in itself. Depending on which reel it lands on, this can be 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x multiplier that gets applied to any winning combo of yours.

And the best thing of all? If two multipliers appear on a winning payline, then the multipliers are multiplied, yielding even bigger wins. The Multiplier Wilds also will appear in the Extra Spins round of this slot, so you’ve got even more chances to score big – a maximum multiplier of 120x is possible (that’s 1x2x3x4x5 if you want to do the sums).

Extra Spins and Nitro Collect Meter
Yet, perhaps the most exciting feature of Drive: Multiplier Mayhem is located within the Extra Spins rounds. When you get three scatter symbols to land on reels two, three and four, you’ll get 10 Extra Spins to play through and that’s when the action will really start.

The Extra Spins mode is gamified and takes place in three rounds if you’re lucky. Jette – aka you – will first race against Twitch. The screen simulates as if you’re drag racing at night in some huge metropolitan city, so it definitely feels engaging and authentic. And if you’re lucky enough to get three Nitro symbols on the reels, you’ll advance through to the next round.

You’ll be awarded four extra Extra Spins and an Overlay Multiplier Wild to go into the next race against the formidable Hamaki. On screen, you will notice the cars advancing forward and backward as if it were a real race, which is a nice design touch by NetEnt. And if you get three more Nitro symbols during those Extra Spins, you will get to the final round.

Adding three more Extra Spins to your account and even another Overlay Multiplier Wild, Jette will race Bruiser to come out on top and win it all! You could win against Bruiser two times, which would mean two extra Extra Spins and a third Overlay Multiplier Wild. Just think about the winning combo opportunities with so much going on your reels. Trust us, lots of scope for wins.

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