Slingo: the hybrid game of both slots and bingo. It’s a combination that has spawned an entire mobile casino dedicated to it and has proven popular enough that many other websites have jumped on the band wagon. No matter where you go now, you’re likely to see a portion of a mobile casino dedicated solely to Slingo. But a news article released this week has shed light on the fact that the company behind Slingo is investing a huge marketing push. Does this mean it’s losing players? If so, what does this mean for the future and will its new campaign be successful?


About Slingo

Slingo Casino Lobby on iPhoneSlingo has been around for a couple of years now and has demonstrated its staying power by how widespread it has become. It may not be as popular as most video slots and bingo sites but neither has it been dismissed by the public as a mere gimmick.

It’s definitely something different and many people appreciate the ingenuity of combining two things people love. In fact, it has got so popular that many of them are sponsored  by big brands like X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

However, like with everything new, they eventually become stale and while we can’t say Slingo itself has become old hat, we can say that the initial excitement over the USP has worn off slightly. Once you’ve played one game, why try another one? Aren’t they all the same? Well, you could argue that about the countless video slots out there. But at least companies are developing new and interesting ways of making a slot stand out.


A New Strategy

Social Media IconsMuch of this new marketing push made by the company that owns Slingo (SNAP) will involve a brand new TV advertising campaign and a series of social media competitions. The Chief Exec of gaming Realms, Patrick Southern, said about it: “Slingo embraces moments of fun which people can experience anytime and anywhere.”

He added: “Our digital campaign and ads showcase the light-hearted and enjoyable nature of the brand.” He’s certainly right about the interactive side of things and there isn’t certainly lots of potential for a big marketing campaign to take off.

However, is it what Slingo needs or should it  be doing more to regain some popularity?


Will It Work?

Figure Question Mark in RedWe honestly believe that a TV advertising campaign will only take Slingo so far. To have more staying power, they need to develop different forms of of the game so that it stays fresh and new. It’s not just an entirely new game, either — it’s a brand and like every brand they need something that keeps them relevant. After all, you wouldn’t go to McDonald’s if they only sold Big Macs, would you?