Pound Wallet IconWe all know mobile deposits are taking over the mobile gambling industry. Companies like Boku and Zimpler have recognised the niche in the market for a quicker, more accessible way of paying money to the casino so that players are able to start playing games by the likes of NetEnt and Microgaming more quickly. It also helps that they don't need a credit/debit card or an e-wallet to do so.

But it's common knowledge that mobile deposits are a one-way process. You cannot take money out of your account the same way you can put it in. It's technology that, unfortunately, doesn't exist as of yet. But today, we're giving four key reasons why it should.



1. Quicker Withdrawal Times

fast startThe first and most immediate reason why mobile withdrawals need to become a reality is the very reason why mobile deposits were made a reality. It would make withdrawal times, which can stretch up to days at a time, much quicker. Of course, it won't be instantaneous, but we imagine it will shave one or two days off the process. This will keep the player at the casino as many players tend to abandon them when the withdrawal takes too long or is delayed.

It has proven that quicker mobile deposits have increased the amount of players who participate in online gambling, too. So this is may be the most hypothetical of points on this post but it's certainly something that needs to happen. Imagine the customer satisfaction!


2. Less Customer Complaints

saving money mobile depositsGoing deeper into that, it's generally agreed the customer's experience with a mobile casino is of the utmost importance. Mobile deposits have, of course, been a large factor in that. Like we say, imagine how well of players will be if they can make mobile deposits and withdrawals. There will be much less customer complaints and responsibility will be lifted off the casino's shoulders too.

There will still be come complaints, however, most likely over how much players can withdraw using their mobile. That goes with anything, though, and at least there will be fewer complaints directed at the casino itself. It would be more the fault of the provider if anything were to go wrong.


3. Easier For The Player

thumb-up-terminatorOn top of being quicker, mobile withdrawals, like mobile deposits, will be much easier for players to use overall. It'll increase the amount of options they have for making a withdrawal and it'll be much more accessible due to the process requiring only their mobile phone.

Yes, there is the issue of security. That's the problem many people have with mobile deposits, too. It's not that it's unsafe, it just seems less so than other methods of payment. But if the mobile withdrawal process acts much like the mobile deposit one, i.e. an SMS code being sent to the number the player provides then it shouldn't be any more of a problem than it would be otherwise. It may need to take some convincing, though. Who's to say someone can use my phone to steal my money? An extra security measure should be devised is this is the case.


4. The Next Step

world map connectedAnd finally, the best reason why mobile withdrawals should come into existence is the fact that it will be a step forward in mobile technology. It'll become much more widespread in use and, over a few years, end up being the default way of taking out money. Other industries can take it on too — in fact, some already have! Several banks have employed an emergency withdrawal text service so that those who've lost their bank cards can still access their money.

But most importantly, it seems logical that this is the natural progression from simple mobile deposits. So, we hope pay by phone bill companies get to it and develop ways of making it happen.