android pay mobile casino paymentsAs new mobile payment methods rise and fall (eyes on you, Paysafecard), it’s really weird that methods like Android Pay don’t get more attention. Just think about it. You’re playing at a mobile casino and deposit using the same device you’re playing on. What better way to do it than by using the system that was created for your device’s operating system solely?

Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are all similar mobile payment methods that casino players frequently miss out. While they’re not too popular at the moment, it’s likely that we’ll see much more of them in the near future. So, if you’re an Android user, you should consider Android Pay as your next choice for mobile casino payments.

There are many reasons why Android Pay should no longer be under your radar. First of all, it’s like a hybrid of an e-wallet and a bank account, combining some of the benefits of each deposit method. You can add any number of bank cards (even from different banks) to your phone using Android Pay and then use the device as a bank card itself. Not only that, it’s faster, easier and safer than making simple bank transfers. Here’s how to do it.


Using Android Pay At Your Mobile Casino

android pay casino depositingFirst, you have to check if there’s a pre-installed version of the app on your device. If not, download the Android Pay app from Google Play Store. You’ll need the Android KitKat or newer version of OS to use it. Once you have it, add the credit or debit cards you’re going to use.

Just tap ‘Add a new card’ and place it in front of the camera so that it lines up with the provided frame on the screen. Your device will analyze the image and automatically add the card in a matter of seconds.

All that’s left is adding the CVC code that’s on the other side of your card. Or you can just fill out all the details by hand if the scan option doesn’t suit you. Once done, you’ll get an SMS with a code to verify the bank card, so nobody else will be able to use your card unless they also have your phone to pass the verification step.

Now that you’ve one or more bank cards linked to your Android Pay app, you’re ready to use them at any mobile casino which accepts this deposit/withdrawal method.

  • Go to the deposit section of your mobile casino and select Android Pay as the depositing option
  • Type in the amount to deposit
  • Select the bank card you’re going to withdraw from (if you’ve added more than one)
  • Type in your password to verify the operation and you’re all set


Advantages Of Android Pay

1. A Safer Way To Use Your Bank Card

android pay safe paymentThe main advantage of Android Pay versus regular bank transfer is safety. When you deposit via Android Pay, your sensitive data remains hidden from the recipient. This is due to tokenization. Instead of transferring the sensitive data, Android Pay creates a token that verifies the payment and sends it in place of your card details. So, no casino will ever find out where your payment essentially came from and even if anything goes wrong, a hacker will only see the fake token.

2. A Single Device To Replace All The Bank Cards

By using Android Pay you won’t have to bring your bank cards with you ever again. You’ll minimize the risk of losing them and you won’t have to remember any login details, either. This is especially true if you’re using a couple of bank cards to pay on different occasions. Once you have them on your phone, switching between them will only take a single tap on your mobile screen.

3. Android Pay Is Faster

Since you don’t have to search for your bank card or to enter any card details, you’ll save lots of time. This makes Android Pay as fast as using any other e-wallet. In some cases, it’s even faster as you don’t even have to login anywhere. Your mobile device is your Android Pay account, so topping up your bankroll for those mobile slots couldn’t be any more convenient.


Disadvantages of Android Pay

1. Not Many Mobile Casinos Facilitate It Yet

android pay disadvantagesThe only substantial disadvantage right now is that Android Pay isn’t very popular among mobile casinos. However, this is bound to change in the future as the industry is getting more and more mobile-oriented. So, the list of mobile casinos that accept Android Pay as a payment method is constantly growing and you should have no problems finding good Android Pay casino sites in the months to come.

2. Not A Universally Accessible Payment Method

It comes without saying that this payment method is only available for Android users. Not only that, only the KitKat 4.4 versions or newer are able to run the app, though that’s not a major issue anymore. As for non-Android users, there’s an alternative app called Apple Pay for iPhone users. The other OS don’t have equivalent apps at the moment, though they’ll definitely release them sooner or later. Finally, some banks may not support mobile payments, so you should check with your bank first.