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Book of Ra 6 Deluxe — Intro

One of the most popular slots in the entire slot world have just been given a sequel, as all popular brands and movies do. Behold — the Book of Ra Deluxe 6! This legendary slot game has received two main updates since the original Book of Ra—enhanced algorithms when the word “Deluxe” was tacked onto the end of its name and an extra sixth reel for better odds. “Extra reel, extra wins, extra thrills,” harp Novomatic, the developers. It’s definitely not a difficult feature to sell.

The Book of Ra brand is revered at both land-based casinos and on the Internet. It’s a tale as old as time too. Players journey across the Egyptian deserts, cross countless dusty sand dunes and search for ancient gold. No slot player ever turns down a quest for gold, especially if it includes wilds, extra spins and expanding symbols!

About The Slot

The Book of Ra Deluxe 6 slot has 10 paylines, which is a relatively modest number for modern slots today. The number of paylines also means that you can spin many, many rounds in a row without blowing through your budget too quickly. If you’ve to wager on 50 paylines or so, you’ll spend more per spin.

You can play this slot with either five or six reels, depending on whether you activate the sixth reel feature. Bets start at 20p and can go up to £400 per spin, which caters to a wide variety of players and budgets. The reels are loaded with a combination of high-value and low-value symbols.

The regular symbols include J, Q, K and A while the more desirable symbols of the lot are the Sphinx, the scarab, the mummy and Indiana Jones himself. Overall, the slot has a well-designed paytable that offers the opportunity to win up to 200x your wager in a single spin!

Finally, there’s the Book of Ra symbol, which is the game’s Wild symbol and stands in place for other symbols to complete paylines. This book also doubles as the game’s Scatter, which triggers extra spins and unlocks the most legendary bonus feature of all…

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?

Book of Ra Deluxe 6 is composed of rather simple graphics, especially when you compare it to the newer slot productions by NetEnt and the like. I find the choice of colours particularly cloying, as if they were chosen from a Microsoft Paint colour palette! Perhaps it’s the font of the symbols—it’s so two-dimensional in a time when all slots are wondrously animated. The music soundtrack is acceptable. It is a rhythmic Egyptian tune that moves in tandem with the slot reels, so that your heartbeat really gets going.

Nevertheless, Book of Ra Deluxe 6 is proof that a slot’s success doesn’t hinge on its visual quality, but on the gaming engine underneath the hood. Despite its dated looks, fans from all over the world still flock to Book of Ra gaming machines and its online versions to play.

The game can be played on all platforms, including mobile, tablet and desktop. I suppose cross-platform compatibility is such a necessary characteristic for slot games nowadays. It’s almost unthinkable for a slot to be released only for desktop players.

Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

Game Features: Expanding Wilds, Extra Spins!

The success of the Book of Ra slot series can be attributed to a single feature—the extra spins round. It all starts when you get three Book of Ra symbols in a single payline. This triggers 10 extra spins, which comes with a 2x multiplier. Every win that you generate during these extra spins will be doubled.

Anyway, multipliers with extra spins are a relatively common occurrence in the slots world. The real defining twist to the Book of Ra is that the game selects a random symbol before the extra spins rounds start. This special symbol is designated as the Expanding Wild.

Every appearance of this special symbol during the next 10 spins will see the symbol expand and cover three positions on the reel. That’s an automatic three-of-a-kind win! The chances are also increased dramatically to score four-of-a-kind and five-of-a-kind wins.

The most exciting instance is when the high-value pictorial symbols are selected. It’s always a nice sight to see the board covered in Sphinxes or scarabs. Longtime fans of the Book of Ra will surely tell you about how a series of extra spins won them over 500 times their wager. With a win so sizeable, it’ll be a story that gets retold many times in those lucky players’ slots careers.

Finally, we get to the newest feature in the Book of Ra family—the sixth reel. It’s the feature that’ll take you onto even bigger 6-of-a-kind wins. Of course, the slot industry doesn’t give away better odds for free. To activate the sixth reel, players would need to double their wager.

For example, my usual 10p became a 20p minimum bet. Is that worth it? I try to activate it for as long as I can afford, as the prizes for 6-of-a-kind wins are exponentially higher than others. It’s a little like buying a lottery ticket.

High Risks, High Rewards

The extra spins round is so immensely rewarding. However, getting them is no easy feat. I’ll be honest here, there has been a one or two gaming sessions where I played for 20 minutes and ran through my gaming budget without scoring it once. It was quite discouraging, especially for players that are new to the game.

Yet, it is as if the wait is what makes the destination so rewarding. When you finally receive three Book of Ra symbols on the reels and the extra spins rounds commence, your heart almost rejoices more than your wallet. All of your patience has led to this single and rewarding moment.

The next few seconds of intense music and fast-paced torrent of features is unbelievably exciting. There’s really nothing left to do, but watch in awe. At the end of it, you’ll just take a step back, glance at your bankroll balance and smile.

Anyway, my point is that the Book of Ra Deluxe 6 is a highly volatile slot, so don’t start off with big value spins. You really have to pace yourself when playing this game and have enough in your coffers to last a few tens of spins. There’s no point leaving the game without hitting that glorious feature game either.

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Book of Ra 6 Deluxe mobile slot is an exciting slot that rewards its players astronomically in its extra spin rounds

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