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NRVNA: The Nxt Xperience – Intro

In this stressful world, how does the modern human wind down after a long day? Some may suggest going to yoga classes, meditation and so on. If you ask us, we’d say go for THE NXT XPERIENCE in NRVNA by Net Entertainment. No you’re not the only one having trouble reading the title, try it with a stiff upper lip, with your teeth clenched, now how does that sound? Go on, close your eyes, and focus on the words NRVNA: The Nxt Xperience. If done right, you’d reach a higher plane of existence and end up with balance full of coins.

About The Slot
Whilst you are enjoying your path to enlightenment, let’s move our attention to the basics of the game. NRVNA comes in the form of a 3 row 5 reel, 30 win line slot game with a heavy emphasis on its extra spin feature. The game has a minimum bet per spin of £0.30 and a maximum wager of £150.

Experiences with the game might vary but our personal experience had been extremely pleasant to say the least. Hitting a jackpot of £650 with a wager of £3.00 is by all possible means darned good luck, with that said, we’d still say NRVNA is a medium to low variance slot game purely because of the sheer amount of payback you get even on a normal win. With an average win payback of 4x your bet and a decently high win frequency, it’s safe to say you will get rewarded on your way to enlightenment.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
The game comes in a dreamy, futuristic theme with the appropriate graphics and animations accompanying it. There is an element of being deep under the ocean, almost like, uh, you’re playing slots deep in the ocean of your mind? We don’t know how this works but the game loads fast and is snappy during gameplay so there are no qualms there. The audio quality is very good but we have to say something about the background music.

We’re not sure about you but when you say Nirvana, don’t you think about sensual, calming music? What’s with the modern electro music? Is this supposed to be some sort of Final Fantasy dream sequence? It’s not a tough pill to swallow but definitely a slightly weird one, but we’ll take it, as long as the game continues to shower us with golden blessings.


Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

Game Features: Win Multipliers, Extra Spins!
Moving on to the important bits – the features of the game. In this mobile slot, you will be rewarded with tonnes of extra spins and win multipliers. Look out for yellow orbs, they can potentially make you a very rich person.

The most outstanding feature for this game has to be the Extra Spin Stage that comes with an unfathomable amount of winning prizes and occasionally a Jackpot of sorts that has you overcoming your desire for wealth. We’re just kidding, keep ‘em coins rolling. The bonus stage is fairly easy to trigger since you only have to have three or more Scatter symbols present to earn it, there is no need for them to be in a winning line. The extra multipliers and extra spin chances within the bonus stage does nothing else but give you an even larger return for the money wagered.

NRVNA — Win Multiplier Wheel
The Wild symbol replaces every symbol except for the Scatter symbol and when triggered in a winning line, it will give add a generous 3X multiplier to your win.

This is a fairly common feature but it is necessary in a slot game; the extra spin feature, which for NRVNA is designed around a very special set of mechanics. The Scatter symbol, when present anywhere on your reels in numbers three, four and five, will reward you with 10, 15, 30 extra spins respectively. It does not have to be in a win line to trigger the extra spin reward.

Also, when you hit 2 of the symbols, the reel borders will flare up in a sharp golden colour and the un-spun reels will go into overdrive, giving you an adrenaline rush to enter a Extra Spin Stage.

For a game without a mini-game, a solid bonus stage will have to come out to let the game outshine its peers. The Extra Spin Stage tips the balance in NRVNA’s favour as you start off with at least 10X extra spins and you get a chance to earn extra spins or multiply any winning combinations by at least 2x. Best part is, the win multipliers awarded may go up to a staggering 10X.

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NRVNA: The NXT XPERIENCE mobile slot is an absolute delight and a sure path to achieving your own personal nirvana.

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